80 A Brand New World

    Lin Yan decided to call Zhao Hongling.

    Ever since Zhao Hongling had contacted Lin Yan once again, she had trusted Zhao Hongling with liaising with the production team.

    Lin Yan asked, "Sister Ling, when is filming commencing? Have they set a date?"

    She had no idea if she could free up some time to attend her grandfather's team competition.

    Zhao Hongling replied, "Come to the office tomorrow. Let's talk face to face."

    Lin Yan nodded. "Sure."

    Zhao Hongling replied, "Remember to disguise yourself well. Throngs of angry haters will be ready to ambush you."

    Lin Yan replied, "Oh..."

    Other celebrities saw fans holding banners and presents as they waited outside the company for their beloved idols.

    What about her? Ever since she had debuted, she'd had no fans at all. All she saw were people holding weapons, rotten eggs, and wilted vegetables while waiting for her...

    The treatment she had received had to be the most unique in the whole entertainment industry.

    Recently, too many things had been happening to her, each one causing a huge commotion. If all this had happened when Lin Yan had just returned, she would have been utterly crushed and defeated.

    When she had been banned from competitions, she had felt as though her entire world had crumbled. She hadn't been able to find any motivation to do anything.

    She had allowed Lin Shuya to manipulate her and been oblivious to both Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan's lies. All this had happened because her heart and mind hadn't been in the right place.

    So what if the whole world had crumbled? She could... create a brand new one!

    Even though her future seemed bleak, she would be fearless as long as she was determined.


    The next day at Star Entertainment...

    Lin Yan rushed down by following Zhao Hongling's instructions.

    Star Entertainment wasn't a huge company, but it had made steady progress recently. Zhao Hongling had groomed a celebrity who had gained explosive popularity, thus making the company more well-known.

    Lin Yan remembered Zhao Hongling's reminder and put on a mask and huge sunglasses. She was all geared up before she left her house.

    True enough, when she reached her company, a huge army of 'devoted fans' was waiting in neat rows outside.

    Compared to her previous scandals, the scale of this 'army' was at least ten times bigger.

    She reckoned that her haters had to outnumber all the other celebrities' fans combined at her company.

    Promotional banners... Oh right, they even had protest banners.

    The titles had been written clearly. 'Lin Yan, get out of the entertainment industry' and 'Lin Yan, you are a superficial wh*re and b*tch'.

    Lin Yan was rather impressed and proud of the massive army of haters, who seemed so well-organized. She lamented quietly to herself before sneaking into the building through a side door.

    Many people were startled to see her, yet their faces registered loathing. They began to whisper and gossip about her immediately.

    "Isn't that Lin Yan? Why is she here? How could she have the audacity to leave her house?"

    "This is not the first time she has been so shameless. She always pretended to be so frail and weak. Who could have known that she was so crafty?"

    "How could she be our company's celebrity? We're too ashamed to say that we are from the same company as her!"

    Lin Yan, who had grown immune to all this malicious gossip, paid no attention.

    As she took a few more steps forward, she saw a familiar figure heading towards her. It was Zhao Hongling's assistant, Duoduo.

    Lin Yan hurriedly grabbed her. "Duoduo..."

    Duoduo covered her mouth hastily when she saw Lin Yan. "What the... Sister Yan! Why are you here? You're incredible! How did you manage to stay alive?"
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