81 Something Huge Happened

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "Thanks for your compliments. I guess I lead a charmed life."

    Duoduo studied Lin Yan's long, disheveled hair. She seemed to be wearing a shapeless black sack. Duoduo now understood why she hadn't been recognized. "You should at least wash your hair, even if you don't put on makeup or wear proper clothes! Have you completely given up on yourself? Where is the image that you built? It's crumbling!"

    However, Lin Yan did look much better now compared to when she had thick makeup on. She always looked as white as a sheet...

    Lin Yan's mouth twitched once more. What kind of image did she have?

    She was portrayed as a frail, clean and innocent girl. If she maintained this image well, she would be as well-loved as the nation's angel, Lin Shuya.

    However, if the image crumbled... She would be condemned and hated by everyone, especially girls. This was what had happened to Lin Yan, who everyone thought was conniving and scheming.

    Lin Shuya had been the one managing Lin Yan's Weibo account. Once, Lin Shuya had made a post about Lin Yan hurting her finger.

    The wound had been hardly visible and had looked as though it would heal in a minute.

    Other than getting embroiled in scandals and boosting her popularity, this Weibo post had to be one of Lin Yan's most infamous incidents.

    Thus, Lin Yan had been thinking hard about a brand new image and now had a plan for herself.

    "Darling Duoduo, don't be so concerned about my life and death. This is an issue my haters are concerned about."

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes at Duoduo and asked, "Where is Sister Ling?"

    Duoduo looked solemn and upset as she beckoned for Lin Yan to come forward. Then, she whispered, "Sister Ling is in the office. She must be in a bad mood."

    "What happened?"

    Duoduo quipped, "Something huge! Jiang Sifei is jumping ship to another company!"

    Lin Yan was really shocked when Duoduo dropped this explosive news. "Jiang Sifei is jumping ship? How could this be? Isn't she Sister Ling's most trusted artiste?"

    If Lin Yan was the biggest blot in Zhao Hongling's career, then Jiang Sifei would have to be Zhao Hongling's pride.

    Duoduo appeared dejected. "Exactly. Sister Ling groomed her from a girl who knew nothing to the popular artiste she is right now. She spent so much time and effort on her, and she indeed had the potential to become a top celebrity. However, Jiang Sifei dropped this bomb at this critical juncture and said that she wants to jump ship. She has gone overboard..."

    Lin Yan was suspicious. "When did this happen? I wasn't aware of anything."

    Duoduo sighed heavily. "It's not surprising that you didn't know. It happened this morning and it was really unexpected. She had an argument with Sister Ling first thing in the morning and she left in a huff!"

    Lin Yan's face darkened before she drawled, "Her contract isn't up yet, and the penalty fee should be a huge sum. There can't be many companies who could afford this penalty..."

    Summit Entertainment, Victory Entertainment, Splendid Production, Stormy Era, House of Millions Media...

    Out of these companies, Summit Entertainment was known for being strict and only accepting top celebrities. Thus, Jiang Sifei obviously wasn't qualified enough.

    Victory Entertainment was trying to follow in Summit Entertainment's footsteps by becoming more stringent with the selection process. Stormy Era only promoted their own artists, while Splendid Production had been having funding problems recently.

    "The only possibility could be House of Millions Media, which is a subsidiary of Victory Entertainment. They have been expanding furiously lately."

    Duoduo was surprised when she heard her. "Sister Yan! You are spot on! It's indeed House of Millions Media. They have been trying to poach numerous celebrities lately!"

    "I despise these companies the most. Instead of grooming their own, they go around poaching from others!" Duoduo hissed angrily.
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