82 The Most Popular Celebrity

    Lin Yan didn't appear to be too affected. She merely smiled nonchalantly. "They have the money. Besides, they are playing by the rules."

    Duoduo seemed startled, as Lin Yan had always appeared to be clueless about these matters. It didn't occur to her that Lin Yan would be able to perform such a thorough analysis and even guess the right company.

    She almost couldn't believe her own ears when Lin Yan analyzed this.

    "How is Sister Ling now?" asked Lin Yan.

    Duoduo snapped back to reality and replied helplessly, "How do you think she is? Sister Ling was finally promoted to director of the artist department after such a long time. Now that Jiang Sifei left, her sales will drop tremendously..."

    Zhao Hongling was known for being strong-headed and decisive. Hence, she had offended many people in the company over the years. However, her results were excellent and she had groomed the only celebrity of the company, Jiang Sifei, who had been headed right to the top. Thus, the rest could only seethe helplessly in jealousy.

    Now that Jiang Sifei had left, the outlook for Zhao Hongling's position wasn't very positive.

    Lin Yan patted Duoduo's shoulders. "Let's go. Take me to Sister Ling."

    Duoduo led Lin Yan to Sister Ling's office.

    "Sister Ling, Lin Yan is here." Duoduo glanced worriedly at Zhao Hongling and whispered to Lin Yan, "Sister Ling is feeling upset now. Don't take up too much of her time! She will get even more upset if she talks to you!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Indeed, she couldn't refute that.

    "Sister Ling!" Lin Yan waved and greeted her.

    Every time she saw Zhao Hongling, she always looked busy, as if she was in a constant rush. However, she now sat behind her desk, looking quiet and deep in thought.

    Zhao Hongling glanced at Lin Yan without any change in her expression. "Come in and sit down."

    Zhao Hongling had always been a strong, tenacious woman. Thus, Lin Yan had no idea how to comfort her. She coughed to clear her throat. "Sister Ling, don't be too upset over Jiang Sifei's departure. You still have me! I just clinched a role in Director Jiang's new movie and I'm swept in dating rumors with an awarding-winning actor! I have an army of haters boosting my popularity! This means that I have a bright future ahead of me!"

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    Duoduo was speechless as well...

    What gave her the courage to say such things?

    Although she would be participating in Director Jiang's new movie, she was merely a supporting actress. However, she was in constant imminent danger. Why was she so proud as to flaunt her army of haters?

    She had been slammed!

    However, Zhao Hongling was amused by her. "You seem confident."

    Lin Yan grinned sheepishly. "Of course I am! In the future, I will be your most popular artiste!"

    Duoduo couldn't help but chuckle. "Pfft! I think you will be the most infamous one! But you're already..."

    Duoduo stole a glance at Lin Yan. She had a feeling that Lin Yan seemed really different today.

    She hadn't put on any makeup, and her skin was healthy and rosy. In the past, she'd worn thick, dramatic makeup and always chosen inappropriate clothes. For the sake of her image, her makeup had made her look ghastly-white every day...

    However, her change wasn't entirely based on her appearance.

    In the past, Lin Yan had looked lifeless all the time, as if she hadn't cared about what happened around her. She certainly hadn't promised that she would become the most popular artiste in the future.

    She was still herself, despite the fact that she was dressed in random clothes. She sat there, casting her prim, proper image away. However, she looked as though she was radiating a glow, and her eyes sparkled like stars.

    Although the vibe she gave off right now resembled a beggar lying on the street, she looked really pleased and smug.
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