83 Salvaging Her Image

    Zhao Hongling placed a document before Lin Yan.

    "Let's talk about serious stuff now. I've already explained to you your situation. If you want to make a comeback, you have to make changes immediately. It's important that you create a new positive persona to salvage your image."

    Duoduo couldn't help but mutter aloud, "Sister Ling, are you sure her image can still be salvaged?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "It will indeed be challenging to change everyone's deep-rooted opinion of you..." Zhao Hongling glanced at Lin Yan and pointed to the document. "These are some samples of the personas that female artists often use. You can refer to them and think of one that you can manage to pull off."

    Lin Yan picked up the document and began to flip the pages. "Let me see... Hardworking and dedicated! This seems good!"

    Duoduo stared at her in disbelief. "Forget it. You had to post on Weibo when you scratched your finger. Plus, your acting is horrible and your talents are almost non-existent. Your work ethic is nowhere to be seen and you've portrayed a fussy image. How can you possibly handle a hardworking and dedicated persona?"

    Lin Yan's mouth twitched silently. Although she wanted to retort, it was true that she had given people that impression. There was no way she could clear her name.

    Hence, she flipped to the next page. "Hmm... How about a persona with a high IQ and excellent grades? I think this is fitting!"

    Duoduo's eyes widened in shock before she scoffed loudly. "Sister Yan, can you be realistic? Everyone knows that you only graduated from high school. You didn't even go to university. How could you be someone with a high IQ and excellent grades?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She had chosen not to attend university, even though she could have.

    That year, she had been the top student at science in the entire province...

    Initially, her mother's health had still been fine and she had been able to hold part-time jobs. Lin Yan had scrimped and saved and worked part-time while studying. Thus, they had still managed to get through.

    However, during her high school exams, Lin Shuya had accidentally fallen into the water. This had triggered an old illness, as she had always been a sickly child. She had needed a hefty sum of money for her operation, but her father had been brainwashed by his mistress and stopped caring about Lin Shuya.

    She and her mother had racked their brains in an effort to raise the money, but to no avail.

    Her mother had even thought of seeking help from her grandfather. However, they knew that he wasn't doing well and owed people money. There was no way he could lend them the money.

    In the end, she had naively gone to look for her father and seen a woman exiting his car.

    The main reason for her mother and father's divorce had been her father's first love, Ma Manru.

    After Ma Manru had gotten married, she had led a pretty comfortable life. Soon, her husband had gone bankrupt and acquired a heavy debt. Thus, she would often play the pity card to attract her father's attention.

    Every time she was in trouble, her father would leave her mother behind and rush over.

    Her father had even helped Ma Manru get a lawyer to settle her divorce.

    Shortly after Ma Manru had gotten divorced, her father had forced her mother to sign the divorce papers.

    However, Ma Manru was a conniving, greedy woman. She knew that her father wasn't the best so she had deliberately put off the idea of marrying him. However, she had been able to hold on to him, as her father was completely devoted to her.

    Lin Yan, who had been livid, had gone to look for Ma Manru. Lin Yuetong had blown up and slapped Lin Yan hard. He had pushed her into the water and continued to defend the other woman.

    Lin Yuetong had looked at her as if she was disgusting. He had seemed afraid that she would contaminate his Ma Manru and the precious relationship he had with her. He had probably wished that his daughters would vanish along with their mother.
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