84 Let Me Be Myself

    She had suppressed her humiliation and anger and humbly spoken to her father about her sister's illness. She had pleaded with him to save her.

    However, Lin Yuetong had replied, "Scram. Both your mother and you are bloodsuckers who are after my money."

    That night, she had slumped on the edge of the bed as she'd watched her dying sister. An overwhelming desperation and helplessness had engulfed her.

    She had desperately wished that she could be stronger...

    At the time, the top educational establishment in the country had offered her a scholarship. They would even give her an allowance so that her family could get by. However, this would be an utterly inadequate measure at that point in time. She'd had no intention of pursuing her studies and had thus delayed the application.

    Then, her youngest uncle had told her that an overseas car team had noticed her. They were willing to recruit her and promised to give her an advance payment.

    Her mother had fallen ill due to anxiety and worry. Her sister had also required treatment and long-term medication, which was expensive. She would need a huge sum of money, so she couldn't wait until she finished her studies in four years. There were too many unforeseen events that could arise at any time.

    In the end, Lin Yan had decided to give up on her studies. Instead, she had gone overseas and followed an arduous, challenging path...

    For fear that her mother would be worried, she had used a new identity and name overseas. She had rarely appeared in public as well.

    Hence, hardly anyone had known that the genius racer Yeva, who had taken the racing arena by storm, was a young Chinese girl.

    When she had later found out that the person who had destroyed her was her sister, the person whom she had used her life to protect, she had fallen apart completely.

    Whenever she thought of all this, her heart still ached. However, she was no longer filled with hatred.

    After all, hating someone involved feelings.

    Lin Yan managed a tiny smile as she pretended to grumble. "Sister Ling! Can you control Duoduo?"

    Duoduo snorted aloud. "What? Did I say anything wrong?"

    Even Zhao Hongling didn't know what to say. She glanced at Lin Yan and asked, "What do you think?"

    Lin Yan stroked her chin and picked up a pen. She flipped to a blank page and wrote a few words. "I think that this persona fits me..."

    "What is that?" Duoduo inched forward curiously.

    She saw that Lin Yan had written two words: Lin Yan.

    "Lin Yan? What do you mean?" Duoduo was puzzled.

    Lin Yan expounded, "Forced personas aren't that effective. Furthermore, the fans would expose me too easily, and then we would only get the opposite of the desired result. Rather than fitting me into a mold, why don't you let me be myself? If I do whatever I want and show my true personality, there won't be any loopholes."

    Zhao Hongling fell silent for some time. "Are you certain?" she asked as she glanced at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan spread her arms. "Is there another way out?"

    Duoduo surveyed Lin Yan in horror. "Sister Ling, you can't allow her to do that! Look at how carefree she is right now! Look at her clothes! If you allow her to do whatever she wants..."

    Lin Yan glanced sideways at her. "Duoduo, my darling, why are you so mean? You might never get married!"

    Duoduo rolled her eyes. "Why would you care?"

    "It's fine. I want, I want..." Lin Yan turned to Zhao Hongling and said, "Sister Ling, I need an assistant. Can you give me Duoduo?"

    "You want Duoduo?" Zhao Hongling was surprised.

    She had assumed that Lin Yan didn't like Duoduo.
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