85 Your Name Is Nice

    "Yes, yes, you're right! I want Duoduo!" Lin Yan nodded furiously.

    Duoduo turned pale out of fear. "No! I don't want to be your assistant! You're so hard to work with. Why don't you look for your ex-assistant, Xiaoliu? Go look for her!"

    Lin Yan's previous assistant, Xiaoliu, had been hired by Lin Shuya. Lin Shuya had manipulated Xiaoliu and she had obliged out of fear.

    No one around Lin Yan had noticed that anything was amiss. Only Zhao Hongling had suspected and gone to interrogate Xiaoliu. Only then had Lin Yan informed Zhao Hongling that Xiaoliu had been recruited by her sister and there was nothing wrong with her.

    Zhao Hongling had warned her at the time that Lin Shuya was up to no good.

    However, Lin Yan had been despondent and broody during that period. Besides, she had fully trusted her sister, so she hadn't believed Zhao Hongling's warning.

    After discovering the truth, she had sacked Xiaoliu.

    Zhao Hongling contemplated briefly before saying, "Duoduo, I will have to ask you to take care of Lin Yan. I don't feel assured leaving her in the hands of someone else."

    Duoduo didn't dare defy Zhao Hongling's orders. Thus, she turned and glared at Lin Yan with a glum expression. "Why did you have to choose me?"

    Lin Yan grinned mischievously. "You're adorable and you always tell the truth! I need people like that to warn me constantly. Plus, your name is nice!"

    Lin Yan stole a glance at Duoduo's work tag. Her name was Qian Duoduo [1. Qian Duoduo in Chinese means plenty of money.]

    Excellent name! It was auspicious!

    Lin Yan patted Duoduo's shoulders and consoled her. "Duoduo, don't look so gloomy. Be positive! You could be the assistant of the top actress in the entertainment industry in the near future!"

    Duoduo watched her expressionlessly. "Before that happens, I would probably be hacked to pieces by your haters!"

    Despite her objections, the issue of Lin Yan's assistant had been settled.

    Zhao Hongling passed the contract for 'Meeting One's Match' to Lin Yan and she signed it.

    Then, she briefed Lin Yan on her upcoming work arrangement.

    "There will be an audition a week later and then filming will soon begin. I don't expect your acting to improve by leaps and bounds in a week. What I expect from you is to stay vigilant and behave yourself. Don't give me any additional trouble. Be patient and wait for all the scandals and public opinions to die down. I will get Duoduo to watch over you. You have to listen to her." Zhao Hongling warned her sternly.

    Lin Yan agreed readily. "I'm fine with that!"

    Zhao Hongling exhaled deeply and passed her a document. "This is your work schedule. Your scenes aren't that many, so you will have plenty of waiting time. Be patient and don't grumble. If you're really bored, download some games on your phone to pass the time. Don't go seeking trouble whenever you feel bored."

    Zhao Hongling empathized with Lin Yan's plight and had decided to help her.

    However, she couldn't do much for Lin Yan given her current situation. Lin Yan herself would have to pull herself together.

    When Lin Yan heard Zhao Hongling, any explanation she tried to utter was choked in her throat.

    In the past, she had been listless every day so, naturally, she hadn't been fussy or problematic. However, Xiaoliu had pretended to convey her demanding requests to the crew on Lin Yan's behalf and demanded that Lin Yan's meals be ordered from Michelin restaurants. Lin Yan could only have coffee at a specific temperature. She had even refused to let anyone touch up Lin Yan's makeup.

    It was no wonder that Duoduo was horrified at the thought of becoming her assistant.

    However, she had no way of erasing her history and tarnished reputation. She could only fix things from this day onward.

    Lin Yan took the schedule and read it. She didn't have any filming scheduled on the day of her grandfather's team competition. Even if her cousin didn't need a navigator, she could still head down to have a look and help out...
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