86 Give Us an Answer

    Back when Lin Yan had just returned from overseas, she would break down in despair whenever she saw anything related to racing.

    Once, when she had been filming for a variety show, Xiaoliu had suddenly passed the phone to her and showed her an article on racing.

    In the end, she hadn't been able to get herself together. She had acted as though her soul had left her body. It had been really awkward on the set, and she had been labeled the 'black hole of variety shows'.

    Her acting was dreadful and horrible rumors of her reputation had spread, so even variety shows had refused to use her. Hence, her situation had gotten worse...

    Until the day of Pei Yutang's race, Lin Yan had actually still been affected deep down.

    That night, she had sat behind the steering wheel and felt the adrenaline rush caused by speed. She was then finally able to get rid of the prick in her heart...

    As Zhao Hongling continued to remind Lin Yan of some things she needed to take note of, the office door burst open violently.

    Five managers charged in angrily one after another.

    Zhao Hongling resumed her impassive, stern expression as she glanced at them coldly. "What is the matter?"

    All of them looked livid, as though someone had committed a horrendous crime. The first one among them was a middle-aged man who slammed the desk and bellowed, "Zhao Hongling, you have the cheek to ask? You can't even retain an artist? Jiang Sifei is our company's cash cow! Do you know how badly our company will be affected if she is gone?"

    "Exactly! You have gotten all of us into trouble! You have to be held responsible!"

    "Without Jiang Sifei, your sales results rank last. How are you even qualified to be the director of the artist department?"


    Duoduo was really enraged by their accusations. "Hey! All of you have gone overboard! Jiang Sifei was, after all, groomed by Sister Ling! Without Sister Ling, would our company even have a top artist?"

    A female manager with defined makeup sneered coldly. "How dare you bring this up! Didn't she groom the artist with the company's money? To groom Jiang Sifei, she used most of our funding and investment! Now that Jiang Sifei is gone, all her efforts have gone down the drain! Are you aware of the losses that the company has incurred?"

    Duoduo snapped at them furiously, "Nonsense! Sister Ling got most of the funding by going around to look for investors. Even if she did rely on the company, why didn't any of you produce a top artist?"

    Duoduo was about to carry on, but Zhao Hongling stopped her. "Duoduo, that's enough."

    The manager refused to stop this interrogation. "Zhao Hongling, you have to give us an answer, no matter what!"

    Her office door was ajar, and the rest of the artists and company staff were right outside.

    Zhao Hongling was an unyielding, aloof person. Hence, many people were gloating gleefully in silence, especially the artists who had always been overshadowed by Jiang Sifei.

    A B-list artist folded her arms across her chest and snorted in disdain. "Without Jiang Sifei, Zhao Hongling is nothing. How is she even fit to be the director? If she wasn't so overbearing and arrogant and hadn't stolen all the funding, would we have been in this state? She has finally gotten what she deserved!"

    Some other artists chimed in. "I second that. I reckon she is only fit to manage Lin Yan!"

    "Pfft! No wonder she asked Lin Yan to come back! She must be desperate. She is probably at her wits' end..."

    The artists' gossiping voices grew louder, until everyone in the office could hear their conversation.

    Lin Yan, who was an innocent party, got dragged in once more...
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