87 Topping Sales Again

    Zhao Hongling was attacked from all sides in an instant. Everyone wanted to drag her down.

    Zhao Hongling's work performance and sales were usually terrific, so no one had been able to do anything to her. This time, they had taken advantage of the fact that Jiang Sifei was jumping ship to get rid of her. Thus, it was hard for Zhao Hongling to get away.

    She was aware of this, so she inhaled deeply. She surveyed everyone and announced, "This is indeed my fault. I will resign from my position as director."

    She was never one to shun responsibility. In the end, Jiang Sifei had indeed abandoned the company while she had been under her care. That was a solid fact.

    Duoduo protested aloud. "Sister Ling!"

    Everyone present had obviously been waiting for Zhao Hongling to resign. They all gloated gleefully and began to make sarcastic remarks.

    "This is what you should do!"

    "So many people in the company are watching you. How could you answer to us considering your sales figures?"

    Suddenly, Lin Yan, who was supposed to be trying to lay low and minimize her presence, strolled slowly to the middle of the room.

    The girl scanned everyone and said lazily, "Hold on. What is the rush?"

    Everyone's expression darkened as they watched Lin Yan impatiently. "Who are you to talk?"

    Lin Yan ignored them and rattled on. "What is the fuss? It's only Jiang Sifei. All of you are making a mountain out of a molehill. In three months, I will help Sister Ling get back all the sales she's lost. She will top the sales again!"

    The moment Lin Yan finished speaking, the room went silent.

    Everyone gazed at Lin Yan as though they were looking at an idiot. Even Zhao Hongling and Duoduo were dumbfounded.

    Seconds later, everyone roared with laughter.

    "Ha ha ha! Lin Yan, you must be out of your mind! How could you make such a joke?"

    "You have been banned from the entertainment industry. It was mere luck that you clinched a small supporting role, yet you have once again shamelessly used another top award-winning actor's name to boost your popularity. You are already the most blacklisted name right now. We would be thankful if you didn't drag the company down with you, but now you want to earn money for the company?"

    "I reckon she won't be able to keep that supporting role for long. Who would dare to use such a troublesome actress? How dare she compare herself to Jiang Sifei!"


    Lin Yan remained composed despite everyone's criticism. She managed to smile as she said, "Everyone will know if I fail or succeed after I've tried. What's the problem? Are you not confident in yourselves? Are you afraid of losing to me and in turn failing to top the sales chart?"

    The managers' faces were all ashen when they heard her.

    "You are spewing nonsense!"

    "You are just a daydreaming idiot!"

    Lin Yan waved her hands. "That's easily solved. Since everyone is so confident that I will fail, why don't we make a bet?"

    No one had expected that Lin Yan would interfere. Thus, they all began to talk among themselves.

    Zhao Hongling had toiled for years, and the management could see her effort. The managers knew that even if they forced her to resign, the management might not approve immediately.

    Perhaps, with the help of this fool, Lin Yan, they might get rid of Zhao Hongling sooner than expected.

    When that time came, Zhao Hongling's reputation would be tarnished and she would be totally destroyed.

    Hence, one of the managers stepped forward. "Alright! We will give you three months. If Director Zhao doesn't produce top sales, she will need to fulfill the promise she made today!"

    Then, they left the room.

    Duoduo, who was fuming in anger, lashed out once everyone was gone. "Lin Yan! What did you do? Why did you try to harm Sister Ling when she has been so nice to you?"
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