88 Building an Empire


    Zhao Hongling shook her head and interrupted Duoduo. Then, she sighed softly to herself. "Forget it. At least we have three more months."

    However, she couldn't change anything during these three months.

    Duoduo still felt indignant on her behalf. "But she caused more trouble!"

    Lin Yan blinked. "Maybe I could really succeed? Then advertisements, variety shows, and movie offers will start rolling in and we will top the sales again!"

    Duoduo's face hardened. "If you bring in the most revenue, I will listen and obey every one of your commands and serve you tea!"


    Zhao Hongling arranged a car for Duoduo to take Lin Yan back home.

    Duoduo warned her stiffly when they reached the ground level. "Be careful when you head out in the future. We don't have the money to hire bodyguards for you. Don't get killed by the fans!"

    Lin Yan grinned. "Got it! Why would I die so easily? I still need to help you and Sister Ling build an empire!"

    Duoduo snapped, "An empire of haters?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Couldn't they have a pleasant conversation?

    Lin Yan gazed in the direction of the haters and sighed. "Pfft... This batch of haters is not up to the standard. They didn't even recognize me! Their loyalty is questionable!"

    Duoduo was exasperated by her. "Stop dawdling and get in the car!"

    Lin Yan was just about to get in the car when they suddenly heard a commotion coming from the haters. They were charging towards her aggressively.

    "Lin Yan! It's Lin Yan!"

    "Lin Yan, you b*tch! How dare you set your eyes on my beloved idol! I will fight you..."

    "Come on, sisters! Let's wallop this b*tch!"


    A moment later, wilted vegetables, stones and rotten eggs were hurled in their direction.

    Duoduo pulled the wilted vegetables out of her hair, looking incensed. "You are a jinx! They recognized you! Isn't that great?"

    Lin Yan, who had disguised herself completely, raised her eyebrows in puzzlement. "How could this be? They shouldn't have been able to recognize me. I have underestimated them."

    Duoduo, who was fuming, hissed, "Someone in the company must have tipped them off!"

    Lin Yan replied, "Why are they so callous? We are from the same company after all. Who could be so wicked?"

    Duoduo retorted, "Everyone in the company hates you. How would I know?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Duoduo urged her. "Get in now!"

    It was a matter of life and death. Lin Yan and Duoduo got inside swiftly and the car sped off.

    "It has been a long while since I received such a passionate treatment from them..." Lin Yan pressed her palm against her chest and sighed.

    Duoduo rolled her eyes in response. "They couldn't locate your whereabouts, so they had to stalk you at the company. This is just a small group of them. Once filming starts, everyone will know where you are. When that time comes, all the haters will be there to ambush you. We will really be dead meat! Think of how you want to die that day!"

    Lin Yan's heart felt as though it had been pierced by countless arrows. She glanced at Duoduo's name tag silently, her spirits improving marginally.

    Duoduo glanced out of the window and noticed some cars trailing behind them. There were even some reporters.

    Duoduo was anxious as she implored, "Sir, please drive faster!"

    "This route isn't easy. Besides, I've exceeded the speed limit!" The driver grumbled. He sounded as though he was reluctant to do this job.

    Duoduo glared at Lin Yan and lectured her. "It's all your fault! Sister Ling is already swamped with trouble, and now she has to take care of you. You will drag her down even more!"

    The driver was perspiring. "They are too close to us. I'm afraid I can't shake them off!"
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