89 Let Me Drive

    Duoduo was extremely anxious. "What should we do? If they catch up with us, the consequences will be disastrous!"

    Lin Yan was deep in thought as she carefully observed the road ahead of them. She turned her head and glanced at the cars behind before she said, "Old Zhang, get out of the car at the next traffic junction. Let me drive!"

    Old Zhang looked bewildered. "Huh? Let you drive?"

    Duoduo was furious. "Lin Yan, what are you up to again? I thought you didn't know how to drive?"

    Lin Yan replied, "I know."

    Duoduo glared at her. "What kind of nonsense is that? Stop lying to me! Once, we didn't have enough drivers and Sister Ling asked you to drive back home. You simply refused to and chose to take public transport. In the end, you got ambushed by your haters. Did you forget that?"

    In that case... Lin Yan knew that she had been at fault.

    She really hadn't been able to drive at that point in time, as she had still been badly affected during that period. The repercussions had been very serious. She would feel giddy whenever she touched a car, so she'd had no choice but to take public transport.

    Lin Yan could only say, "I couldn't drive in the past. I just got my license."

    Old Zhang didn't sound too happy. "I have years of driving experience and I can't shake them off. How could a new driver like you dream of shaking them off? Young people these days are really arrogant!"

    The car had reached the traffic junction amid their argument.

    Lin Yan knew she didn't have time to clarify, so she opened the door and got out.

    Duoduo shrieked in shock. "Lin Yan! Are you nuts?"

    Lin Yan repeated, "Get out."

    Old Zhang had no choice but to exit the car.

    At that moment, the red light was about to change.






    The red light turned green.

    Lin Yan stepped on the accelerator and overtook the car ahead, nearly brushing against it.

    Duoduo clenched the seatbelt in horror as she yelled, "Lin Yan! Stay calm! I'd rather be surrounded by reporters than die with you!"

    Lin Yan extended an arm and touched her ear. "Duoduo, if you continue to yell so loudly, I might die from your yells before an accident kills me."

    Duoduo bellowed, "Don't use only one hand to drive!"

    Duoduo's yells stopped just as Lin Yan made a drift around a corner and successfully turned into a road on the right.

    "Ahh!" Duoduo shrieked shrilly.

    Even the driver held onto the handle for dear life. "How did Director Zhao find such a crazy artist?"

    Soon, both of them realized that...

    Lin Yan may have seemed as though she was driving recklessly, but she had actually gained absolute control of the car. It felt like she was using a remote control to steer it. She was precise and accurate as she overtook the cars one by one. She didn't brush against any of the vehicles and she even remembered to abide by the traffic rules and signal as well.

    Duoduo peeked at the girl through the rearview mirror.

    She was wearing a mask, so her face was hidden. Her eyes, however, were as calm as still waters and as sharp as daggers. She had never seen Lin Yan like this before.

    Incredibly, she felt at ease...

    She was lost in her train of thoughts when Lin Yan made another beautiful swerve and turned into a narrow road.

    This road was exceedingly narrow, so one would crash into the fields if one was not careful enough, not to mention if the driver was speeding.

    Their car sped on smoothly just like a wild horse galloping on a vast plain without reins.

    In no time, they had left the cars behind and moved way ahead...
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