90 I Am Me, A Firework of A Different Color

    Lin Yan swerved left and right as she sped past the woods and alleys. When Duoduo and the driver snapped back to reality completely, there was no sight of the paparazzi and the haters anymore.

    After some time, Lin Yan was finally sure that she had shaken all the cars off. Duoduo and the driver sat there in a daze, trying to recover from their shock.

    Old Zhang had been a driver for decades, so he could tell that Lin Yan was an exceptionally good driver. He studied her, looking at her in a new light. "Miss Lin, where did you learn how to drive? You don't look like a new driver..."

    Duoduo muttered under her breath. "Those paparazzi are just like plaster. It's impossible to peel them off if they catch up with us. It's pure luck that you managed to shake them off..."

    Duoduo eyed Lin Yan sternly and said, "This was an unusual situation. I forbid you to drive like this in the future!"

    If she were to drive like she had today, she couldn't imagine what would happen.

    Lin Yan obeyed readily. "Yes, Madam Duoduo!"


    At Maple River Residences...

    Upon getting home, Lin Yan began to draw up a plan.

    Although Star Entertainment wasn't a huge company, trying to bring in the most revenue in three months was still a difficult task.

    Even after Jiang Sifei's departure, there were several B-list artists who were quite talented and capable. In fact, the C-list artists were not too bad either.

    Although she was quite well-known, her reputation was too horrible. If she didn't break away from it and try to undo it, she would be stuck with this horrible label forever.

    Other than improving her image and getting rid of these rumors and scandals, there was only one way for her to stand firmly in this industry: by developing her acting skills.

    Improving her image would take time, and only talent and skills would allow her to stand up bravely to this criticism.

    When she looked back on the period after her return, she lamented over wasting an entire year being manipulated and back-stabbed and living like a soulless shell.

    She had taken on the responsibility of taking care of her family ever since she had been 15 years old. She had gone overseas and embarked on a new journey at 18 years old and fallen off from the peak of her career at 22. At 23 years old, she had been betrayed by her loved ones...

    She had gone through the toughest, most trying period in her life. What else would she be afraid of?

    Worst-case scenario, she would start all over again.

    Lin Shuya had controlled and manipulated her before. Now, she would be the one making plans for herself.

    Lin Yan decided to start from her Weibo account.

    That account had been created by Lin Shuya, so she didn't feel at ease using it. Besides, all the content and posts were too humiliating and shameful.

    Hence, she registered a new account. Her nickname was 'The Only Way To Solve Your Worries Is To Get Rich'.

    She used a photo of a pet kitten that she used to have. She had saved that stray kitten from the streets and now the kitten was at the shelter.

    Lin Yan posted her first update on Weibo - 'I am me, I'm a firework of a different color!'

    After she posted her first update, she used her old account to make an announcement. 'Darlings, I've stopped using this account. Welcome to my new Weibo account!'

    As soon as Lin Yan posted this, her haters convened and fired bullets at her.

    'F*ck! Who is your darling? Don't be so disgusting! I want to puke!'

    'This scheming b*tch is using tricks again!'

    'She thought that by changing to a new account, her history would be erased? She is too stupid!'


    Lin Yan's new account swelled with thousands of followers in no time.

    Lin Yan scanned the account names briefly. Most of them were her 'loyal' haters who would flock to scold her wherever she went.

    Soon, her new account was flooded with hate messages.

    Lin Yan was admiring their creative messages and content when suddenly a message caught her eye. It stood out among the rest of the messages.
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