91 She Has Fans?

    'A Little Firework' typed, 'Yanyan, hang in there! I will support you! I believe that you're the best!'

    Lin Yan blinked several times, feeling surprised.

    Was she one of the haters?

    Some smart haters would pretend to be a fan, but deep down, they were even scarier and more conniving than the normal ones. This was one of the common tricks used in the entertainment industry.

    After Lin Yan pondered this, she thought otherwise.

    There were enough of her haters, so no one would bother to use this trick.

    Besides, the content of the message didn't seem like it had been written by a hater. They would usually pretend to praise a celebrity while insulting other celebrities. This would make other fans attack her.

    However, the question was, how could she possibly have any fans?

    Although her acting was poor, she'd still had a handful of fans who had supported her due to her looks initially. As time had gone past, her ghastly makeup, lifeless expression, and dull personality had made her lose all her fans. Then, the haters had made it worse by attacking her in groups.

    Thus, Lin Yan was shocked by the appearance of this fan who had popped out so suddenly.

    When she decided to look at this person's Weibo account out of curiosity, she realized that they had posted articles about her and even helped defend her.

    This person was really her fan?

    She scrolled down and read a post that was dated a long time ago. Lin Yan's fingers halted.

    'A Little Firework' wrote, 'I know I will definitely be scolded, but I can't hold it in any longer! I have to get this off my chest. From this day onward, I will be Lin Yan's fan! Yes, the Lin Yan that all of you know! She is a beautiful and kind angel!

    A few days ago, I went to Wei Xufeng's concert. I fell down because it was too crowded and a lady helped me and got me out safely! If she hadn't helped me, I would have been trampled on by hundreds of people!

    Do you know who this person was? It was Lin Yan! Lin Yan! The sly b*tch who got herself into countless scandals! Lin Yan!

    In real life, she is really nice! She used her body to shield me as we got out of the concert venue. She went to buy band-aids for me and left before I could even thank her. However, her assistant was really annoying and kept rushing her to leave and not help me!

    Oh, one more thing! She is so beautiful and gorgeous without any makeup on! Her looks blew me away! Too bad that I forgot to take a photo of her!'

    'A Little Firework' didn't have too many followers so there was a handful of messages questioning her.

    'A Light Gentle Breeze' typed, 'How pretentious! You must be a fake fan!'

    'Wei Xufeng's Little Darling' typed, 'You are lying!'

    'Lin Yan, Get Out Of The Entertainment Industry' replied, 'How hilarious is that? Lin Yan is beautiful and kind? She must have paid you to write this!'

    'A Little Firework' replied, 'At first, I was worried that she was pretending. But if she was, there would definitely have been cameras around. No news of her kind act appeared, so I'm sure she wasn't pretending to be kind!

    I think that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. She is so kind and helpful in real life, and I'm sure the rumors about her aren't true!'

    'A Little Firework' kept trying to explain but no one listened. Instead, everyone retorted with sarcasm.

    Lin Yan finally recalled this incident.

    She liked Wei Xufeng's songs, so Lin Shuya had asked her assistant to give her a concert ticket. Lin Shuya had wanted her to have fun and relax, so she had gone without a second thought.

    However, the next day, Lin Shuya had posted on Weibo that she had gone to Wei Xufeng's concert. Although that didn't seem like a big deal, Lin Yan had been in the middle of controversies and scandals so no one believed that she had merely attended the concert with no ulterior motives.
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