92 The Meaning of This Profession

    At the time, she hadn't known that Lin Shuya had quietly contacted and bribed reporters to write false reports about her. Thus, she hadn't suspected anything about that casual Weibo update about her going to the concert.

    If she hadn't seen the Weibo post, she would have forgotten that she had once helped a fan...

    Right now, Lin Yan felt a strange, indescribable feeling within her after reading all the comments and her fan's post defending her.

    Being believed and defended by someone felt so...

    She wasn't alone after all. Someone had tried to defend her...

    In the past, she hadn't understood much about this profession. She had initially chosen this path because of Han Yixuan. Even though she had decided to pursue this career, it was because she'd wanted to earn money.

    However, at this moment, she suddenly discovered the meaning of this profession.


    Lin Yan called Wang Jingyang and asked him to get some groceries and food on her behalf. Then, she shut herself up at home.

    Late at night, Lin Yan practiced acting over and over again.

    She hadn't gone to acting school, neither had she undergone any professional training. She could only rely on herself to slowly conquer this new, unfamiliar field...

    A week flew past in the blink of an eye. Lin Yan memorized her entire book on acting techniques and watched many movies as research. Then, she attempted to act and mimic the characters.

    For someone new to acting, the hardest thing to master was being natural in front of the camera. Any awkwardness or unnatural behavior would be amplified a hundred times on the screen.

    Fortunately, Lin Yan had experience racing professionally at major races ever since she had been 18 years old. Thus, she was strong mentally and excelled at eliminating any interferences disrupting her.

    Even if a thousand pairs of eyes were watching her, she could still remain calm and composed. This was her biggest strength.

    Now, all she needed to do was master the acting skills and techniques and understand the essence of her role.

    She had managed to understand the basics of acting skills and techniques. As for her role, she had watched the videos that Pei Yutang had sent and tried to analyze Pei Yucheng's every action and expression, as well as the tone of his voice.

    If she could possess a fraction of Pei Yucheng's aura, she would be confident about pulling off the role of the domineering president.

    Lin Yan faced the mirror and repeatedly tried to practice changing the expression in her eyes. She was about to go crazy.

    "Ahh... I'm so exhausted! I need a break..." Lin Yan slumped on her dressing table as she yelled.

    The role of the domineering president wasn't that easy to achieve. If she couldn't do it naturally, she would easily seem like an idiot or look silly.

    Lin Yan sighed to herself and suddenly froze when a thought hit her.

    She suddenly realized that... ever since that fateful encounter at Pei Yucheng's mansion, he hadn't looked for her. It had been a week!

    Lin Yan had always buried herself in things and focused all her effort and attention on something, so she had a tendency to forget about the world. She had been tirelessly working on improving her acting skills and forgotten about her boyfriend.

    Damn it! How had she forgotten about this ticking time bomb?

    What was Pei Yucheng up to?

    Although she was a steel lady who was clueless about romance, she had dated someone before. If this was a normal relationship, why didn't they even call each other? Wasn't this too abnormal?

    Had Pei Yucheng forgotten everything, just like her?
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