93 The Technique of Breaking Up

    Lin Yan mulled it over for a long time and could only come up with one possibility. Pei Yucheng was a man of extraordinary status and wealth, so it was common for him to change girlfriends.

    He might have felt that she was interesting at that point in time and agreed readily to it. However, soon afterward, he must have forgotten all about her.

    How could a man like Pei Yucheng remember an ordinary, insignificant woman like her?

    At best, she could only have been one of the millions of Pei Yucheng's admirers.

    Lin Yan felt as though everything now made sense after thinking it through. She heaved a sigh of relief.

    Indeed, this was exactly what she had predicted.

    What delighted Lin Yan even more was that her 'alter ego' hadn't appeared during the period she was cooped up at home.

    Everything seemed to be going smoothly...

    Lin Yan felt that she could start planning a break-up...


    How should she bring up this topic?

    This required exceptional techniques!

    Especially when Pei Yucheng was the other party. What kind of reason could she come up with?

    Lin Yan turned on her laptop and researched the topic. She typed, 'How to break up with your boyfriend in a smart way?'

    There was a myriad of answers online.

    Someone suggested, 'Throw a tantrum! Do it every day. If he cannot stand it, he will break up with you!'

    This wouldn't work. Besides, she wouldn't dare to do it. How could she throw a tantrum around a man like Pei Yucheng? Her anger would dissolve at the sight of him...

    Another person suggested, 'Hire a woman to seduce him and then accuse him of cheating on you! You will definitely be able to break up with him!'

    This wouldn't work either. She needed to spend money to hire a woman!

    Another one typed, 'That's easy! Don't return texts or calls or cite personality differences or conflict of interests! Any of those reasons would suffice!'

    This... sounded plausible!

    After reading these suggestions, Lin Yan was enlightened.

    There were so many methods?

    Lin Yan was in the midst of practicing when her phone rang.

    She picked it up. The moment she clicked the screen, Pei Yutang's frantic, fearful voice was heard. "Big Sister-In-Law! Save me!"

    Lin Yan was shocked. "Third Young Master? What happened?"

    "I... I am in trouble... It's really over for me this time... Big Sister-In-Law... other than you... no one else can save me..." Pei Yutang was talking incoherently, as though something serious had really happened.

    "What is going on? Speak slowly and clearly."

    Lin Yan's impression of Pei Yutang was that he was spunky and fearless. She had no idea what could have frightened him so badly.

    Pei Yutang said anxiously, "I had too many drinks and got into a confrontation with Song Yaonan. We ended up fighting and landed ourselves at the police station. I called Second Brother and he bailed me out..."

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief. "Then isn't everything alright now?"

    She had assumed that this was a matter of life and death, so she had been really scared.

    Pei Yutang was such an innocent, simple-minded boy, yet he was also quick-tempered. She wasn't the least bit surprised that he had gotten into a fight.

    Pei Yutang yelled over the phone. "Initially, I was fine! The problem is that Big Brother has caught wind of this matter. I am so dead!

    Big Brother agreed to allow me to become a racer but set two conditions for me. First, I am not allowed to get into trouble during this period. Second, I can't seek help from my family. Now, I have violated the rules!

    Tonight, I will be sent to a school in Country Y! I will then be under 24-hour surveillance. Someone will be with me even when I sh*t or eat! If I can't do it, my brother will make me stay there forever! This is so terrifying! If I enter that place, I will be stripped off my freedom!"
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