94 His First Relationship

    Lin Yan was startled. "It's that scary?"

    "Of course it is! I have lived a life like that for more than a decade. I don't wish to go back to that jail again! I would rather die than go back!" Pei Yutang really sounded horrified. He must have been badly traumatized.

    Pei Yutang sobbed as he added, "Big Sister-In-Law, I regret it so much. I have been keeping myself in check. Why did I make a mistake? It's also my fault for being too complacent, as Big Brother seemed to be in a good mood recently. I let myself loose and now I've gotten myself into trouble..."

    Lin Yan scratched her head and pondered in silence. Then, she advised him, "Third Young Master, you could actually talk this out with your Big Brother. Mr. Pei is quite nice and reasonable."

    Pei Yutang was incredulous when he heard her. "Sister-in-law, are you joking? My brother is nice? Do you have any misconceptions about him?

    He will definitely not change his decision once he has made up his mind or made a promise! No one will be able to change his mind! If I go back this time, I will have to follow the rules that he has set for me. I cannot break any of them. He won't give me a second chance!"

    "Is that so?" Lin Yan heard Pei Yutang and got confused.

    Although she had met Pei Yucheng only on a few occasions, she really believed that he was a nice person to talk to. He wasn't as dictatorial or overbearing as Pei Yutang had described him to be.

    Why else would he forgive her for disrespecting him on so many occasions? He hadn't blamed her and had even accepted her 'profession of love'...

    "Sister-in-law, save me! Come quickly now! You're my only hope! I'm at my brother's mansion. Someone will receive you when you get here. I made this call in secret, so my brother's assistant will come to confiscate my phone!" Pei Yutang pleaded with her in a pitiful manner.

    Lin Yan felt rather awkward. "This... You already said that your brother is a difficult person and no one will be able to change his mind. I certainly won't be able to change his mind! Besides, I think you've misunderstood my relationship with your brother. We have only met thrice. Your brother probably treats this as a fling. He hasn't contacted me in seven days..."

    This was, after all, a family affair. She was a stranger. Who was she to interfere?

    Pei Yutang, who was astonished, exclaimed, "My brother treats this as a fling? No way! This is my brother's first relationship! How could he fool around with his first love?"

    "Cough, cough, cough..." Lin Yan was shocked to hear the words 'first love'.

    She, she... was Pei Yucheng's first love?

    He had to be joking!

    How could she possibly be his first love? In what way was she qualified?

    Was it because she had flattered him?

    Pei Yutang suddenly said in a hushed voice, as though someone had appeared next to him, "Sister-in-law, please, I'm begging you! Even if you don't believe in the relationship you have with my brother, how could you disregard the relationship you have with me? Aren't I like your son?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    What a father and son...

    Pei Yutang was about to continue but he decided not to, for fear that someone might hear. Instead, he ended the call abruptly.

    Soon, Lin Yan received several WeChat notifications.

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'Daddy!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'Daddy!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed again, 'Save!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed once again, 'Me!'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    How could anyone have the heart to ignore this?

    Lin Yan reluctantly decided to help him.

    Forget it. Even if she wasn't of any help, she should still go take a look.
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