99 I Dont Need a Reason

    The unexpected gentleness of their boss had left all the bodyguards dumbstruck and astounded. Pei Yutang, who had just snatched his luggage from the assistant, slipped and dropped it with a huge crashing sound. It fell on his foot, making him grimace in pain.

    Lin Yan's soul was pulled back by Pei Yutang's painful groans and yells. She shook her head repeatedly and hurriedly got up. "No, no, no... I'm fine!"

    Her blood pressure was shooting up instead!

    She was supposedly his first love?

    How could he be this experienced if this was his first relationship?

    Who could resist this man?

    To be honest, Pei Yucheng's kiss had been so light that she almost hadn't felt it. His lips had left hers in less than a second, displaying his high level of self-restraint. However, the kiss still made her heart race faster than the final drift around the last tight corner of an exciting race.

    One of the bodyguards, who snapped out of his shock, couldn't help but ask Pei Yutang, "Third Young Master... This... Who is this girl?"

    Pei Yutang proclaimed proudly, "My daddy!"

    The bodyguards were confused!

    Pei Yutang replied, "My Big Brother's girlfriend! My future sister-in-law!"

    The bodyguards stole a glance at each other. They appeared stunned. They had been with their boss for years and witnessed countless women throw themselves at him. However, they had never seen him be moved or tempted in the least. Why would he suddenly have a girlfriend and behave so intimately with her?

    Nonetheless, this was their boss' private life, so they didn't dare to intrude. They had to carry on with their job.

    "Third Young Master, please leave quietly now."

    "Yeah, don't make things difficult for us."

    "Leave? Why should I? I'm not! I'd rather die than leave!"

    Pei Yutang yelped and hollered again. "Big Sister-In-Law! Help me!"

    Lin Yan was jolted out of her daze when she heard Pei Yutang's shrieks.

    She had been so engrossed in his gorgeous looks that she had forgotten everything else.

    "Mr. Pei..."

    Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yucheng and tried to sound him out first. "I've heard about what happened to Third Young Master. He was really in the wrong for drinking and hitting someone. However, Song Yaonan isn't a nice person either. When I met him before, he deliberately provoked Third Young Master and set a trap for him. Therefore, I reckon that Third Young Master definitely did not hit him on purpose this time. It must have been another trap..."

    Pei Yutang nodded fervently. "Big Brother! Big Sister-In-Law is right! He tried to provoke me deliberately!"

    The expression in Pei Yucheng's eyes was icy. "Provoke you... So you don't even have any self-control or the capability to distinguish a provocation?"

    Pei Yucheng's eyes made Pei Yutang shudder. He couldn't look him in the eye anymore. He shrank his neck back, not even daring to breathe loudly.

    Lin Yan, who felt an immense pressure crushing her, added meekly, "Hmm... You're right, but Third Young Master is still very young. It's normal for boys of his age to be rash and reckless."

    Pei Yutang nodded in agreement. "Yes, indeed! Isn't it normal for boys to fight?"

    Pei Yucheng said, "Age is not an excuse for making mistakes. I don't need to hear an explanation anyway. When you first agreed to the rules, you knew that you would have to pay the price if you broke them."

    Pei Yutang, who felt guilty, bowed his head...

    Lin Yan stole a stealthy glance at a document on the table. It seemed to be Pei Yutang's contract with Pei Yucheng. She immediately spotted Pei Yutang's signature and thumbprint.
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