103 Dont Make Things Difficult For Yourself

    After Lin Yan spoke to Wang Jingyang, she got ready to head down. Merely a few steps later, she heard a loud splitting sound. Her dress was too long, so it had gotten hooked by her heels and been torn as a result.

    Lin Yan cursed out loud. "F*ck! This is the most expensive dress I own!"

    Wang Jingyang looked exasperated as he pressed his palm to his forehead. "Don't wear it if you can't. Don't make things difficult for yourself!"

    Lin Yan stroked her chin as she mused. "Pup, you're right. How can I run for my life in this dress if I'm being hunted by my haters?"

    Wang Jingyang was speechless!

    Lin Yan went back to her room and changed into a set of comfortable clothes.

    This was the first production after Lin Yan's comeback. Zhao Hongling came personally with Duoduo to fetch her to the production venue.

    Lin Yan wore a mask and a cap to disguise herself before getting into the car.

    "Why did you wear this?" Duoduo cast her a scathing look.

    Lin Yan sighed. "Initially, I wanted to wear a dress, but I accidentally hooked it with my heels and it split apart. Besides, I really can't get used to wearing a dress. Just bear with me!"

    Duoduo was rendered speechless. "How did you even manage to set up your frail, dainty persona when you are so unfeminine and crude in real life?"

    "As long as she is dressed appropriately, it's fine with me. We are early, so you can get some rest first." Zhao Hongling spoke as she drove.

    "Sister Ling is the best!" Lin Yan exclaimed happily.

    She had triumphed over her mental obstacles and could drive now. However, she still needed a car to commute, so she needed to work hard. She couldn't possibly get Sister Ling to fetch her every day.

    In no time, the car reached the venue.

    Lin Yan, who was the first celebrity to arrive, saw no one else except the production crew. They were all busy setting up and making preparations.

    When she reached the entrance, she was greeted by hushed whispers and eyes that surveyed her with hostility.

    "Hey, look! It's Lin Yan! Lin Yan is here!"

    "What the... It's really her! I thought she loved to wear white every day, as though she is a frail-looking pure lotus that just emerged from the pond. I almost didn't recognize her thanks to her outfit today!"

    "She must have chosen a new disguise for fear that she will be recognized and get beaten up! This is the first time I've seen such a disgusting woman after being in this industry for so long. All she can do is pretend to be delicate and angelic while she uses others to boost her popularity!"

    "Exactly! She is a high school dropout and a D-list actress! How dare she use Shen Chaomu and the rest of the actors and even claim that she was Han Yixuan's girlfriend! She is mad!"

    "Who knows what underhand methods she has used to get into this production. She must have set her eyes on our beloved award-winning actor, Pei Nanxu, this time. She is really like a toad lusting after a swan!"


    Duoduo squeezed Lin Yan's arms when she noticed that the gossip was growing louder and more malicious. "You have to endure this even if you're angry. Pretend you can't hear anything. You have the lowest status in this production. They are just stating facts."

    Lin Yan asked, "Are you really my assistant?"

    Zhao Hongling quipped, "Right now, it would be wise of you to lay low, no matter what happens. Don't give any response."

    Zhao Hongling was worried about how Lin Yan would handle crisis and gossip. Thus, the easiest thing to do was ask her to remain silent.

    Lin Yan obliged obediently. "I got it! I even downloaded games to play later!"

    Duoduo snorted aloud. "I would thank the Gods if you were really so obedient!"
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