104 Leading Actress

    Lin Yan found a secluded corner and sat down. She put on her earphones and began to play her game.

    Then, she clicked on some websites and browsed to pass the time.

    Duoduo watched Lin Yan, who still hadn't won her approval, and told Zhao Hongling, "Sister Ling, what is really on your mind? Although Lin Yan is working for you, she doesn't allow others to control her. She only listened to her sister and assistant. She was a promising actress with potential before they succeeded in ruining her.

    She is like a puddle of mud that can't be molded. You have wasted your precious resources and time on her. Even your reputation will be affected. Listen to me, you shouldn't help her anymore..."

    Zhao Hongling remained impassive as she spoke in a mild tone. "I've already signed her on, so I will be responsible for her until the end. However, if she insists on being obstinate, there is no way I can help her."

    After all, she couldn't save herself, let alone anyone else.

    Duoduo was aware that Zhao Hongling stood by her principles and she wouldn't be able to change her mind. She only wanted to vent her frustration. "Hopefully, she won't cause any trouble..."

    "Oh yeah, Sister Ling. Who is the leading actress of this movie? Why is the crew so mysterious and secretive? They haven't announced the name yet!" Duoduo surveyed the surroundings curiously.

    Zhao Hongling replied, "We'll know very soon."

    Duoduo nodded. "That's true..."

    She would definitely have to appear at the photoshoot today.

    A while later, they heard a commotion at the entrance. A troop of bodyguards and an assistant surrounded an actress as they walked towards the studio.

    Duoduo was incensed before her face fell. She had seen the woman in the middle, who was being escorted as though she was the moon being protected by the stars. "Jiang Sifei!"

    Jiang Sifei had exquisite makeup on and was wearing the latest Chanel dress of this season. The dress accentuated her curves and figure while she radiated and sparkled like a goddess.

    The woman in the Chanel suit next to her was Zhu Manqian, a capable top manager at House of Millions Media. She was also Jiang Sifei's current manager.

    The moment Duoduo's eyes landed on the pair of them, she stomped her feet in outrage. "Why is she here?"

    Zhao Hongling's eyes gleamed in silence.

    Jiang Sifei, who seemed to have spotted them, didn't seem awkward at all. She turned around and sauntered towards Zhao Hongling.

    Jiang Sifei stood before Zhao Hongling and scanned Lin Yan, who was engrossed in her phone at the back. She smiled politely and started a conversation. "Sister Ling, what a coincidence. Are you here with your artist?"

    Zhu Manqian, who spotted Lin Yan, guffawed aloud. She raised her eyebrows and exclaimed dramatically, "Director Zhao, do you have to do this? I merely snatched Sifei away, yet now you are left with celebrities of Lin Yan's caliber? I heard that she is involved in this movie. What kind of role is it... Let me think... Oh! A supporting role?"

    Zhu Manqian admired her freshly-manicured nails as she spoke in a condescending tone. "What a coincidence. Sifei is also here today, but she is the leading actress of this movie. She just joined our company, so this can be considered a small welcoming gift!"

    Jiang Sifei was the leading actress!

    Duoduo exploded. "Zhu Manqian! How dare you boast about poaching other people's celebrities! How shameless of you!"
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