105 Making a Big Show of Your Strength

    Zhu Manqian scoffed with an arrogant smirk. "How could you put it this way? As the saying goes, a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in. This is inevitable, as Sifei has the potential to scale greater heights. If she continues to follow an incapable manager, wouldn't it be a waste of her talent?"

    "Who is the incapable one? Without Sister Ling, would she have made these achievements? How dare you make a big show of your strength before Sister Ling!"

    Jiang Sifei's expression faltered and turned slightly ugly when she heard Duoduo's remarks. What she loathed the most was that everyone had attributed her success to Zhao Hongling. It sounded as if she was nothing without Zhao Hongling.

    She had been Zhao Hongling's puppet for years and she'd had enough. Star Entertainment was a small company that couldn't possibly provide the necessary funding for her any longer.

    Zhu Manqian folded her arms before her chest, looking smug. "Ha ha... If she was indeed capable, wouldn't she have been able to clinch a leading role for Sifei? Shouldn't she reflect on the roles that she got for Sifei? She made her act as a rebellious, unruly young girl and a tacky village girl. Pfft...

    I gave Sifei a leading role with award-winning actor Pei Nanxu. So many people would kill for this opportunity!"

    The moment Jiang Sifei heard this, her expression improved a little. She felt more relieved now about deciding to jump ship to House of Millions Media.

    After all, House of Millions Media was a subsidiary of Triumph Entertainment. Recently, the young mistress of Triumph Entertainment, Lin Shuya, had officially taken over the reins. It went without saying that their resources and investment would come flooding in.

    "You... Sister Ling has obviously..."

    Duoduo wanted to say more, but Zhao Hongling stopped her.

    Actually, Jiang Sifei's looks were rather ordinary. The reason Zhao Hongling had chosen her from the pool of candidates was because she had potential and could act well. Thus, she had selected movies that focused on quality and were more art-based. She wanted her to focus on her acting skills and become known as a credible, solid actress.

    The role of the tacky village girl that Zhu Manqian had mentioned in a disdainful tone was the role that had propelled Jiang Sifei to fame. She had clinched the best supporting actress award at the Golden Crown Awards with this role.

    If she continued to stay grounded and work hard, she was confident that Jiang Sifei would be able to clinch the best leading actress award one day.

    Alas, Zhao Hongling had forgotten that temptation and thirst for fame were really enticing in the entertainment industry...

    'Meeting One's Match' was indeed a huge production with a good crew and director that would also be screened in theaters. However, it was a commercial film that revolved around the male lead.

    She had read the script and the female lead was basically just a pretty face that would complement the male lead. The character had no distinct characteristics and was thus beneath Jiang Sifei's level. In addition, she wouldn't be able to pull off the character with her looks.

    However, Zhao Hongling knew that it was useless, no matter what she said. Jiang Sifei wouldn't hear any of it. Therefore, she decided to rest her case.

    By now, all the reporters had arrived on the set and flocked towards Jiang Sifei.

    This was one of Zhu Manqian's commonly-used methods to hype up the artists she managed. She must have released the news and invited the reporters.

    A reporter said, "Sifei, it's rumored that you have joined a new company, House of Millions Media. The lead in 'Meeting One's Match' is the first role that your new company clinched for you. It's also the first time you will be working with famous award-winning actor Pei Nanxu. What are your thoughts on that?"

    Jiang Sifei replied, "I'm really excited to be working with famous award-winning actor Pei Nanxu and very thankful for my company, House of Millions Media. I want to thank my manager, Miss Zhu Manqian, for getting me this role. Working with House of Millions Media is the best and wisest decision I've ever made!"

    Another reporter asked, "Sifei, do you have anything to comment regarding your previous company? I heard that Star Entertainment's Zhao Hongling had groomed you since your debut. Why would you choose to change company when your contract had not ended?"
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