106 I Am Lin Yan

    Jiang Sifei glanced at Zhu Manqian, who stood beside her. "Hmmm..."

    Zhu Manqian interjected. "Ha ha... Someone deliberately tried to impede Sifei's career. The roles she was cast in were all in lousy films and Sifei couldn't tolerate it any longer. That's why she left the company! I hope that person reflects on her behavior and thinks about what's in the best interest of the artists she manages! They shouldn't just be money-making tools!"


    Compared to the horde of people around Jiang Sifei, the area around Zhao Hongling was completely empty.

    Duoduo's eyes were red with fury as she watched how they twisted the truth. "That traitor! Argh! I'm so mad! How can they be so smug? Without Sister Ling, would she have been here today? Not only is she ungrateful, but she's even smeared Sister Ling's reputation! I can't take this lying down. I need to clarify things for the reporters!"

    "What they have said is not true..." Duoduo yelled as she tried to squeeze her way into the crowd. However, Jiang Sifei was surrounded by throngs of reporters and all their attention was focused on Jiang Sifei. Nobody cared about her.

    A cameraman shoved Duoduo away brusquely, his equipment banging hard onto her.

    "Ahhh!" Duoduo took a few steps backward as she winced in pain.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yan, who had been hiding in a corner playing games, removed her earphones and stretched her arms and body lazily.

    Just as someone was about to bump into Duoduo again, Lin Yan grabbed her arm and pulled her into a corner.

    "Lin Yan, why are you pulling me? I want to clarify things for them!" Duoduo spat impatiently.

    "Don't be so anxious! If you want the spotlight on you and want everyone to focus their attention on you instead, there is an easy way!" drawled Lin Yan lazily.

    Duoduo chided her. "How is that easy? Who would listen to us? In the entertainment industry, people like us don't have the right to speak!"

    Lin Yan was well aware of this fact.

    She didn't object. Instead, she stood behind those reporters and spoke clearly in an unhurried manner. "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, may I just interrupt for a moment? Does anyone want to interview me?"

    "F*ck! Who are you? Go away!" One of the reporters didn't even turn his head as he watched Jiang Sifei.

    Lin Yan flashed a brief smile. "I am Lin Yan."

    The moment Lin Yan stopped talking, the studio went dead silent. Seconds later, they slowly turned around to her.

    "What the... Lin Yan?"

    "Is she really Lin Yan?"

    "Are you serious? I thought Lin Yan didn't do any interviews? She always gets her assistant to speak on her behalf!"


    Lin Yan coughed to clear her throat. "Hi, reporters. I'm Lin Yan. If you have any questions, please ask me."

    The female actress who had been entangled in so many hot shocking scandals lately had agreed to be interviewed! Her interview would be even more explosive and exciting than the female protagonist's!

    Lin Yan's name encompassed gossip and all the latest major scandals!

    Several reporters from tabloid magazines and online platforms that focused on gossip and scandals had already rushed over to her.

    However, the majority of professional reporters remained unmoved, as they despised celebrities like Lin Yan. Besides, they had been hired by Zhu Manqian so they naturally had a job to do.

    Lin Yan scanned the crowd and grinned at them. "Today I won't hide what I know and I won't stop before I say everything. I can answer anything you want to know."

    Lin Yan drawled, "Oh right, just like... how Shen Chaomu and I..."

    A handful of the reporters who hadn't moved earlier scrambled over to her, their eyes lighting up in excitement.

    Lin Yan added, "Oh and... the secrets between Wei Xufeng and I..."

    She was interrupted mid-sentence when more people bolted in her direction. Even the reporters who had been invited by Zhu Manqian were feeling tempted.

    Lin Yan said clearly, "That night, something happened between Tang Jiaye and I. I'll tell you all the details of my history and feud with Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya, and why it happened... As well as why even Pei Nanxu has been involved with me..."

    In the blink of an eye, all the reporters spun around with their cameras and rushed towards Lin Yan hastily.

    There were many A-list celebrities in the industry, and Jiang Sifei definitely wasn't the most outstanding one. Furthermore, she didn't have any exciting gossip to report on.

    Despite Jiang Sifei's manager change and her casting as the female lead, Lin Yan was still the queen of gossip and explosive news!
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