107 Powerful Figure

    Not too long ago, Lin Yan had suddenly vanished without a trace after falling out with Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan, causing a huge ruckus in the industry and losing fans along with her disappearance!

    After a long time, Lin Yan had made a comeback and rocked the entertainment industry with an explosive bang the moment she returned.

    This time, she was with award-winning actor Pei Nanxu. There were even photos to prove it.

    However, it was a pity that both parties had denied it the moment the news had broken out. No one in the entertainment industry had the audacity to write about Pei Nanxu. Thus, this piece of shocking news had been buried silently.

    No one could imagine that Lin Yan, who had rejected all interviews in the past, would step forward to face the media.

    This powerful figure could cause a huge scandal once she opened her mouth!

    This trip was definitely worth their time!

    At this thought, all the reporters went crazy with excitement. Regardless of whether they came from tabloid companies or news media, they cast their indifference aside and jostled around Lin Yan frantically. No one remembered Jiang Sifei anymore.

    What kind of media company would reject readers or traffic?

    Even the production crew instinctively dropped their work and craned their necks for a better look.

    Jiang Sifei, who had originally been showered with attention, was left alone, looking pathetic and lonely. She stood there awkwardly in her branded dress.

    Zhu Manqian had never expected that the D-list actress Zhao Hongling managed, who had disappeared for so long, would manage to steal the limelight from them with merely a few words. Furious, she shouted, "Hey, Reporter Jiang... Reporter Feng... Where are you going?"

    She had spent so much money to hire those reporters and used her connections to invite them to support Jiang Sifei and promote her extensively. However, in the end, all of them had gone to interview Lin Yan instead!

    Would Lin Yan be the one reaping all the seeds she had sown so painfully?

    How dare that b*tch Lin Yan trample on her head to this extent?

    Zhu Manqian had never expected that Lin Yan would be so brazen. If someone else had been lambasted and criticized to such an extent, they would have dug a hole to hide themselves.

    Yet, here she was, strutting and swaggering in such a flamboyant fashion!

    On the contrary, she had indeed successfully baited the reporters...

    Lin Yan's mouth curled up in victory as she grinned smugly at Zhu Manqian. Zhu Manqian erupted with anger in an instant.

    She had to thank Lin Shuya, who had used any means to vilify and smear her reputation. She hadn't even hesitated to use award-winning actor Pei Nanxu. In that case, she would seize this opportunity, which had been blessed by the heavens, to turn the odds in her favor.

    She would use the knife that Lin Shuya had stabbed her with to return the favor as viciously as she could!

    Duoduo glanced at the excited and thrilled reporters and thought of Lin Yan's army of haters. She felt conflicted.

    Director Jiang Yiming and producer Feng Anhua, who had just entered the room, assumed that all these reporters were here to interview their female lead, which they had deliberately kept a secret. It had never crossed their minds that Jiang Sifei would be standing pitifully alone in a corner.

    Lin Yan's mere words had lured all the reporters to her.

    "Producer Feng! Look at this... How atrocious! It's a total mess!" Jiang Yiming frowned in disapproval.

    Feng Anhua's eyes gleamed shrewdly as he spoke casually. "Don't worry, it's fine. Just let her continue. This is free publicity. Why shouldn't we..."

    This actress had started rumors about her and Han Yixuan and maligned Lin Shuya. She had even been banned by Triumph Entertainment.

    Logically, any production crew would avoid such a troublesome celebrity.

    However, if this actress could create publicity better than their entire Public Relations Department, it would be a different story.
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