108 Reborn From Fire

    All the reporters shoved and jostled each other as they aimed their cameras in the direction of Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had kept a secret from everyone. Ever since she had gotten back, she had been suffering from severe insomnia and depression, which had resulted in her poor mental state.

    Probably because she had changed her way of thinking, although she hadn't deliberately done anything, her condition had improved slowly as she'd busied herself in studying. She had regained her appetite and adjusted her routine back to normal. Her insomnia had also improved substantially and the condition of her skin had improved drastically despite her non-existent skincare regime.

    They noticed that today, she was wearing a simple black sweatshirt with a pair of fitting jeans that flaunted a pair of long, straight legs. Her long locks, which resembled black silk, tussled casually across her shoulders. She hadn't put on any makeup and hence didn't appear ghastly pale like she had before. She was as fair as pure white jade and one could hardly see any of her pores. Her complexion was smooth and rosy.

    She removed her cap and revealed her entire face. Her nose was tiny and sharp, and her lips were like delicate cherry blossoms. Her eyebrows looked like they had been painted using black ink with elegant strokes. The ends of her peach-blossom-shaped eyes arched slightly upward, and there was a brilliant sparkle in her eyes, which bore a resemblance to a star. A faint lazy smile added the vital finishing touch that brought her face to life.

    During the period when she had been slammed for slandering Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan, a paparazzo had taken a photo of her. Her appearance had been unkempt, and she had looked as ghastly as a ghost.

    All the reporters had assumed that they would see a disheveled and despondent woman who would be screaming insults. No one had anticipated that she would be so gorgeous.

    In an instant, the entire studio became strangely quiet.

    Lin Yan had used her cap to hide her face when she had walked into the studio. Hence, no one had really noticed her face clearly until now.

    If she hadn't announced her identity, none of the reporters would have recognized her. Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at her in a daze. Soon, they began to exchange hushed whispers.

    "Oh my god. This gorgeous lady is Lin Yan? How did she change so much? Did she get plastic surgery?"

    "Hey, take a closer look at her. Her features are the same, but... how should I put it? She gives off an entirely different feeling..."

    "Objectively speaking, Lin Yan is indeed a beauty. Do you still remember that magazine cover that made her explode with popularity online?"


    Actually, when Lin Yan had just debuted, she had gained popularity because of a photo.

    In that photo, Lin Yan had been sitting in a vintage racing car, her hand propping her forehead lazily. While she'd peered at the sky beyond the window, there had been a flickering brilliant radiance in her eyes.

    That photo had astonished everyone, and their hearts had been captivated by the girl's nonchalance and sorrow.

    The first group of her fans had started to idolize her based on that photo.

    She had been able to attract countless fans with simply a photo. Such a beautiful face that had been blessed by heavens was something that many people in the entertainment industry would die for.

    It was a pity that Lin Yan had begun to get worse. She'd lost too much weight, perhaps due to her extreme diet. Her beautiful face had also been affected by her depression, robbing her of her glow and radiance. To top it off, she had always been seen in ghastly makeup and clothes that didn't fit her.

    Now that she had appeared once more before everyone, she looked as though she had been reborn from fire and transformed completely.

    Although this was plainly the same face, her beauty was ravishing and breathtaking.

    She actually looked even more gorgeous than the photo that had skyrocketed her popularity.
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