109 Retaliation

    Jiang Sifei gnashed her teeth so hard that she almost broke them. That b*tch Lin Yan was despicable and conniving! How dare she steal her limelight!

    Zhu Manqian sneered coldly. "No wonder Zhao Hongling brought her out today! It was because she got plastic surgery! Ha ha! Your ex-manager has gone crazy over money!"

    Jiang Sifei folded her arms across her chest, looking cross. "That can't be helped. She has no one else other than me."

    Their voices were loud, so Lin Yan's eyes darted past the crowd to Zhu Manqian and Jiang Sifei. Her face lit up with a faint smile that didn't meet her eyes.

    The reason Zhao Hongling had no one was because she had spent all her effort, time and resources on Jiang Sifei!

    Lin Yan interjected, "Did I just hear Manager Zhu say that my manager, Miss Zhao Hongling, has given Jiang Sifei lousy roles because of money?"

    When Zhu Manqian heard Lin Yan firing a bullet at her, she cleared her throat. Her voice rang out, dripping with contempt. "Why? Did I say anything wrong?"

    "Miss Jiang Sifei, do you agree with what your manager, Zhu Manqian, has claimed?" asked Lin Yan sharply as she looked at Jiang Sifei.

    Jiang Sifei clammed up, looking solemn. It seemed like she agreed.

    Her looks were too ordinary, so she had been very self-conscious. However, Zhao Hongling had made her get tacky roles, so she'd even had to make herself look ugly on purpose. She'd had enough of it.

    Every time she read reports of people criticizing her looks, she would seethe in anger.

    Right now, even though Lin Yan had no makeup on, her beauty still radiated with a glow that was piercing her eyes.

    Lin Yan, who noticed that Jiang Sifei was silent, sneered coldly. Her eyes roved through the reporters as she said, "Okay. In that case, I would like to run through the roles Miss Jiang Sifei has played over the years.

    I have no other strength besides a good memory.

    If I do remember correctly, Miss Jiang Sifei made her debut three years ago and has participated in five productions.

    The first role Jiang Sifei played was the tacky village girl that her manager has scoffed at. It was her debut role that propelled her to fame. She clinched the best supporting actress role at the Golden Crown Awards, which is the most prestigious and distinguished ceremony in the country.

    The second production she was involved in, which Manager Zhu has clearly expressed her disdain about, was related to the role of a rebellious young girl. Although it missed award season, everyone sang Jiang Sifei's praises online and she earned rave reviews from critics and experts in the industry.

    For her third production, Jiang Sifei worked with awarding-winning actress Jiang Jiayi. That movie was nominated for best Chinese film at an international film festival.

    Jiang Sifei was cast as the female lead in her fourth movie and was nominated for the best actress award.

    With her fifth movie, just a month ago, Miss Jiang Sifei won the best actress award at the Golden Crown Awards, therefore leaping to the ranks of an A-list celebrity..."

    Lin Yan's speech resonated powerfully and clearly, and her information was accurate.

    She turned to glance at Zhu Manqian and Jiang Sifei. "Everyone here knows that the gross of these five independent films couldn't be compared to the earnings of a commercial film, or perhaps even a cliche, trashy drama.

    Manager Zhu, Miss Jiang Sifei, both of you claimed that Zhao Hongling made Jiang Sifei take on those roles for money and labeled the films she was involved in as trashy. Then do you reckon that the judging panel of the Golden Crown Awards is blind? Or perhaps the audience is? Or would you call a production that doesn't earn any money a trashy production?"

    The moment Lin Yan finished talking, silence enveloped the studio.

    The reporters turned their attention to Jiang Sifei and Zhu Manqian.
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