110 Traitor

    Although Lin Yan had a bad reputation and an image with no credibility, her argument was backed up by reason and facts. There wasn't any problem with it.

    Jiang Sifei's achievements and recognition were attributed to her roles.

    Furthermore, Zhao Hongling's capability and foresight were acknowledged by people in the industry.

    Jiang Sifei had denied all of Zhao Hongling's efforts the minute she had jumped ship. She had even denied all her previous personal successes and scorned her roles for not being commercialized.

    She had gone overboard.

    As Jiang Sifei listened to Lin Yan, her throat became constricted and she turned pale.

    Zhu Manqian had gotten too carried away by her arrogance and hadn't thought before speaking earlier. After Lin Yan's speech, her face fell, as she knew that things had gone awry.

    Zhao Hongling had chosen all those independent films, which were too artistic. Some of these films had incurred losses and invited public denouncement. Weren't they considered lousy productions by society standards these days?

    However, it had never crossed Zhu Manqian's mind that Lin Yan would use awards and critical acclamation to prove her point. She had even brought up the audience and the judge panel.

    Lin Yan had presented an excellent argument, making the reporters start to change sides. Even Jiang Yiming nodded in agreement.

    A reporter who had accepted Zhu Manqian's red packet couldn't help but remark, "Actually, given Jiang Sifei's qualities, Zhu Manqian has planned her path wisely. Artists with her looks can only dream of getting minor soles for the rest of their lives. She has made it to the top in just three years. She is considered lucky!"

    "Exactly! She met a far-sighted, wise manager!"

    "But alas, she doesn't appreciate her manager's effort. Now that she is popular, she joined a major company and began to despise all her previous work!"

    "Plus, she even brought her new manager to ridicule her ex-manager. Isn't she a traitor?"


    Duoduo, who had initially been afraid that Lin Yan would cause trouble, was thoroughly surprised that Lin Yan could speak so well.

    She stood in a daze as she watched Lin Yan with mixed emotions.

    On the other hand, Zhao Hongling shut her eyes and sighed deeply.

    At first, she had thought that she could accept, understand and let everything go. She had never once forced anyone to stay with her.

    However, after hearing Lin Yan carefully describe the roles and funding she had gotten for Jiang Sifei, she remembered how much effort and thought she had invested in her all these years and felt stinging pain in her heart.

    Zhu Manqian sensed that the reporters had begun to change sides and spluttered anxiously, "Lin Yan! It was just a slip of the tongue. What I meant was that Sifei deserves more investment and a bigger platform to showcase her talent!"

    "Oh... So all her previous films should be categorized as lousy films?" said Lin Yan sharply.

    Zhu Manqian glared at her with a murderous gleam and said coldly, "Lin Yan, why are you trying to be righteous here? I reckon that you are the person who has been involved in the biggest number of lousy productions in this industry! For the sake of money and fame, you have shamelessly used underhanded tricks! A greedy celebrity like you must have a greedy manager! How different can Zhao Hongling be?"

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows, as she had already guessed that Zhu Manqian would attack her by using her past against her. "Manager Zhu, you did a good job trying to divert attention. However, everyone knows that I, Lin Yan, don't listen to anyone. I do whatever I want, and my relationship with Zhao Hongling has always been hostile. Sister Ling emphasizes heavily on her principles and she wanted to uphold the terms of the contract. Hence, she has been tolerating me instead of kicking me out.

    No matter how horrible I am, this doesn't involve anyone else. Zhao Hongling is just unlucky enough to be a flower on a heap of cow dung!"
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