111 Hiding Her Skills And Wits


    Why would anyone describe herself this way?

    The reporters couldn't help but chuckle out loud.

    It was a solid fact that Lin Yan had fought with her manager, Zhao Hongling, on many occasions.

    Lin Yan's assistant had even accused Zhao Hongling of beating up Lin Yan brutally amid a flurry of tears. In the end, it had been proven that Lin Yan had lied and slandered Zhao Hongling. As a result, she had almost fallen out with her company. In the end, Zhao Hongling was the one who had defended Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had just delivered a final smashing blow!

    She was implying that Zhao Hongling emphasized heavily on her principles and wanted to uphold the terms of the contract?

    Wasn't she mocking Jiang Sifei for betraying Zhao Hongling's trust and breaching the contract?

    She was bound by contract for five years, yet she had jumped ship the moment she had gotten popular, after three years of work. Zhao Hongling had really suffered terrible losses on her side, and her efforts had gone down the drain.

    In no time, all the reporters began to despise Jiang Sifei and Zhu Manqian.

    House of Millions Media had been crazily poaching celebrities from other agencies and companies, and everyone in the industry was well aware of this fact. In hindsight, this act was really quite despicable.

    Without waiting for Zhu Manqian to retort, Lin Yan grinned brightly and added, "Furthermore, you claimed that a manager is as shameless as her artist.

    If your logic is true, then Zhao Hongling is shameless just because I am. If Zhao Hongling is indeed shameless, then is Jiang Sifei shameless as well?"

    "You... You..."

    Zhu Manqian was caught off guard and rendered speechless by Lin Yan's sudden specious argument.

    The reporters were all enjoying themselves thoroughly. How they wished they could grab a chair and some popcorn!

    Why wasn't anyone aware that Lin Yan could speak so well? Besides, her logic, her capability, and the way she expressed her thoughts were formidable!

    She was really a born fighter!

    Lin Yan smiled wryly, hiding her skills and wits deep within her once more.

    They wanted to argue with her?

    She had never once lost a debate ever since she was a girl!

    She had once represented her high school at a national debate competition. In the end, she had lived up to everyone's expectations and left her opponent crying on the stage.

    Actually, she hadn't wanted to debate, but there were prizes to be won. Besides, it didn't require any physical strength, merely her mouth.

    Hence, debates had become her favorite kind of competition.

    When she had gone abroad years ago, she had been hungry for success and fame. For the sake of money, she had entered all sorts of racing competitions. However, she'd had several serious accidents that had almost caused her to lose her life.

    In order to keep her grounded, her coach had forced her to undergo all sorts of rigorous special training to train her physically and develop her patience. This training had included physical capability exercises, survival drills, and skills such as painting and calligraphy. He had even coached her and helped her enter Country M's Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she had specialized in aerodynamics.

    While she had been attending school, she had also been crazy about competitions. She would join all sorts of competitions for the sake of money and prizes and win every single debate.

    Due to her interest in racing, she had decided to specialize in aerodynamics, which was a niche field of studies. Besides, some classmates in school had known about her identity as a racer. If she'd disclosed it, she was afraid that the truth about her real identity would have spread. Hence, she had kept it even from Lin Shuya.

    That included the dangers she had encountered during racing, the hardships during training, and how she had almost lost her life on several occasions. She had been really close to giving up, but she had never once told Lin Shuya...

    Lin Yan's eyes surveyed the reporters who were present and a fleeting smile appeared on her face. "House of Millions Media's top manager, Zhu Manqian, criticized the Golden Crown Awards by calling them substandard and claimed that the judges are blind. The best actress winner at the Golden Crown Awards claimed that all the films she acted in were rotten... Dear reporters, I have already given you headlines. Are you satisfied with your harvest today?"
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