112 She Wouldnt Be

    Jiang Sifei had lost her composure and the dignity of a goddess. She appeared flustered and panicky and quietly bore a grudge against Zhu Manqian. How could she talk without thinking it through?

    Zhao Hongling would never have made such a mistake. Now that they had caught Zhu Manqian by the tail, she was implicated as well!

    Jiang Sifei certainly wouldn't lose her temper with Zhu Manqian. Thus, she merely implored her. "Sister Qian, think of something! We can't let this news spread..."

    If the news really spread, they would be offending half of the influential big shots in the entertainment industry! Lin Yan had delivered such a fatal blow!

    Zhu Manqian had no idea that she would make such a serious mistake out of carelessness. She was flustered as well, and her face was red. "Lin Yan! Don't you dare malign me! I already said that was a slip of the tongue!"

    There were many reporters present today. If they made a mountain out of a molehill, she wouldn't be able to suppress any of this.

    Duoduo was finally able to hold her head up high. She spoke aloud with a sneer. "Manager Zhu, it's useless even if you try to declare your innocence in front of Sister Yan. It's up to the public and the panel to believe you!"

    Zhu Manqian gnashed her teeth bitterly. "All of you are deliberately provoking me!"

    "You have to give us something first in order for us to provoke you. All these words came out of your mouth. We didn't force you by holding a knife at your throat. Earlier on, Sister Yan repeatedly asked the same question. Even Jiang Sifei agreed silently to it!"

    Amid this fierce argument, a frenzied commotion was heard near the entrance along with some shrieks.

    A girl was surrounded and protected by her manager and several bodyguards. She was wearing a pure white dress made by Dior as she strolled in elegantly.

    The girl's arrival caused a commotion among the crowd.

    "Ahh! Oh my god! It's Shuya! Lin Shuya!"

    "Why would Lin Shuya be here? She isn't participating in this film, right? Han Yixuan will be, although he will just be making a cameo appearance. He doesn't even need to be here today!"

    "Look at how pretty and elegant she is! Isn't she a real fairy? Shuya, look here! I'm your fan!"


    No one had expected that the entertainment industry's current top leading actress Lin Shuya would be present at the photoshoot.

    The reporters were all in a frenzied state as they yelled Lin Shuya's name. Everyone scuttled over to her in an instant.

    The girl's eyebrows were like strokes of black ink, and her eyes looked like limpid autumn waters. She looked really captivating.

    Her innocent aura was akin to a pure angel's.

    With just a glance from her eyes, everyone would rush over to protect her.

    When Lin Shuya had just debuted, she had attracted tons of fans with her angelic face.

    Lin Shuya's arrival made Lin Yan raise her eyebrows. Suddenly, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.

    Lin Yan said, "Sister Ling..."

    Zhao Hongling wanted to console her but couldn't find the words.

    Lin Yan managed a tiny smile. "Sister Ling, don't worry. I won't cause trouble."

    She used to lose control and lose her temper. She had felt indignant before because she had still harbored hope and feelings for her sister. However, she wouldn't be doing that now.

    The moment Lin Shuya arrived, she instantly attracted everyone's attention.

    Even the producer and director approached to welcome her personally.

    Feng Anhua was a cunning old fox, so he immediately pandered to her with a smile. "Wow, what a ravishing beauty is here. How come you had time today?"
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