113 Forced Forgiveness

    Lin Shuya greeted them politely. "Producer Feng, Director Jiang. Sorry for my abrupt appearance. I hope I didn't disrupt the production process. I'm here to visit."


    Who was she visiting?

    Everyone looked puzzled.

    Feng Anhua said cautiously, "Visit? But Han Yixuan won't be here today..."

    Lin Shuya flashed a gentle, sweet smile as she glanced at Feng Anhua. She scanned the reporters and explained patiently, "Not too long ago, I officially took over the manager's position from my father. I will be managing House of Millions Media in the future. Currently, Jiang Sifei is the actress we will be promoting extensively. 'Meeting One's Match' is the first role we have gotten for Sifei, so I hope all of you will give her your full support!"

    Comprehension dawned on everyone in an instant.

    She had come to visit Jiang Sifei!

    Even though Jiang Sifei's betrayal was quite a despicable act, everyone understood why. House of Millions Media had the support of powerful Triumph Entertainment and was indeed a hundred times better and bigger than Star Entertainment. It wasn't surprising that Jiang Sifei would choose to bear the criticism and leave her previous company.

    A reporter seized this opportunity to throw a question. "Miss Lin Shuya, there was an argument here earlier on. A manager from your company has vilified the Golden Crown Awards and the judges. Do you have anything to say?"

    Lin Shuya's expression remained unfaltered as her eyes swept past the reporters. She replied calmly and clearly, "I heard about what happened from my assistant just now.

    Firstly, the goal of House of Millions Media is to bring together all artists with potential and true talent. Personally, I respect and cherish all of them from the bottom of my heart.

    Hence, we have invited Miss Jiang Sifei with utmost sincerity, with the promise of providing the best that we can offer in terms of funding and support."

    Lin Shuya had spoken tactfully by speaking up for House of Millions Media. To put it bluntly, they poached people from other companies and agencies, but she had rephrased this by saying that they cherished talent and potential.

    Lin Shuya then added, "My apologies for the careless remarks that my manager has made. This has caused unnecessary misunderstandings and made Miss Zhao Hongling suffer unwanted pain."

    As she spoke, she walked over to Zhao Hongling. "I would like to apologize on my manager's behalf. Miss Zhao Hongling, I hope you can forgive her."

    Duoduo was flabbergasted. Lin Shuya had managed to turn the situation around with a mere apology. She said in a huff, "She stole our artist and landed us in this dire state! She just keeps throwing shade and making sarcastic remarks about us. Will an apology suffice?"

    Lin Yan watched this scene quietly, looking indifferent.

    If someone else had apologized, this matter wouldn't have been over so easily.

    However, Lin Shuya's image was perfect and she had excellent relations with the media. The moment she appeared, she had already won the hearts of half of the reporters present without a single word.

    In addition, she had appeared really humble and modest by apologizing to everyone. Zhao Hongling had no choice but to accept her apology.

    On the other hand, if Zhao Hongling really accepted the apology, this problem would be reduced to a personal feud.

    Lin Yan studied Lin Shuya in silence as though this was the first time she had seen her.

    What? Was she innocent, pure, and ignorant when it came to worldly affairs?

    Lin Shuya's words had won the respect and approval of the reporters. Their anger had dissipated.

    "Lin Shuya is so young, yet she is so humble and modest!"

    "Exactly! Actually, House of Millions Media had good intentions..."
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