114 Earth-Shattering News!

    Zhao Hongling, who naturally understood the circumstances, said calmly, "Miss Lin, you're too polite."

    Jiang Sifei regained her arrogance and confidence the moment Lin Shuya appeared.

    Zhao Hongling was just a manager at a pathetic tiny company. She wouldn't even have become the director if it hadn't been for her. Besides, Lin Yan was a D-list actress who was as annoyingly sticky as a plaster.

    How could they dream of fighting her?

    If Lin Shuya spoke up for them, she could resolve any trouble.

    When Zhu Manqian straightened her back, her anxiety disappeared. She trailed after Lin Shuya and mumbled a slipshod apology without sounding sorry at all. "Director Zhao, I'm sorry. Earlier on, I actually explained that this was a slip of the tongue. Who knew that Lin Yan would use that and refuse to let this go... Sigh."

    The reporters turned their heads to Lin Yan when Zhu Manqian was finished.

    A sudden thought stuck them-

    Lin Yan!

    Lin Shuya and Lin Yan!

    How had they forgotten about this earth-shattering gossip?

    One reporter reacted swiftly and leaped forward.

    "Shuya, Lin Yan is here today. She has, on more than one occasion, spread rumors about you and Han Yixuan. What do you have to say about that?"

    "Miss Lin Shuya! Not long ago, Lin Yan accused you of being the third party in her relationship. What's your perspective?"

    "Yeah, Shuya. Lin Yan had the audacity to fabricate rumors and slander your reputation. Aren't you going to seek legal action?"

    In a split second, everyone felt a burning desire for gossip get ignited in them. Their attention was focused on the feud between Lin Shuya and Lin Yan.

    Indeed, when Lin Yan was around, gossip would follow. They would be going back with a bountiful harvest of gossip!

    Who would have expected that Lin Shuya would be here today? As the saying went, enemies met on a narrow road. A good show was about to begin!

    Lin Shuya, who was wearing a luxurious dress, looked elegant and dignified. It seemed as if all the lights in the world had converged on her.

    Her eyes trailed past the crowd and landed gradually on Lin Yan. A fleeting, subtle mocking smile flashed across her face.

    That subtle mockery reached Lin Yan's eyes and vanished without a trace. Lin Shuya regained her composure and elegant poise.

    As the reporters continued to pressure her and fire questions, Lin Shuya looked as if she was being choked by words. She appeared emotional and conflicted. After some time, she shook her head and uttered, "No matter what, she is still my sister..."


    The moment Lin Shuya said this word, she caused an uproar. Everyone was dumb with shock.

    "Miss Lin Shuya, you said that Lin Yan is your... sister?"

    "Miss Lin Shuya, what do you mean by that? What kind of relationship do you have with Lin Yan?"

    Lin Shuya turned around and studied the shocked expressions on their faces. She bowed and said, "The truth is that Lin Yan is my real sister. Something happened to my family when I was young, so we had to depend on each other. My sister's personality is a little extreme, but I would never hesitate to give her whatever she wants. However, I refuse to give in to certain matters due to my principles."

    Oh my god!

    What kind of earth-shattering news was this?

    Lin Shuya and Lin Yan were real sisters!

    Two sisters who had been fighting over a man?

    Lin Shuya suppressed her tears as she muttered, "My sister has a supporting role in this movie. I hope that everyone can give her their support. I believe that my sister is good by nature. Thank you!"

    Oh my god! She was really an angel!

    Her sister had done such atrocious things, yet she had defended her because of their family ties!
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