115 Vanished Completely

    They knew that something was amiss! How could Lin Yan, who was such a horrible actress, clinch a role in this huge production? It was because Lin Shuya had lent her a helping hand!

    Speaking of traitors, Lin Yan was the epitome of a traitor!

    A D-list actress with no education and skills had unscrupulously used underhand methods to hurt and slander others. She had acted in all sorts of horrible productions just so her name would become well-known.

    Her sister was a top student at the Capital City Drama and Theater School. She was talented, smart, kind, as well as a huge supporter of charity causes. She was widely known as the nation's angel.

    Naturally, everyone would believe whatever came out of Lin Shuya's mouth.

    Her demure, frail demeanor made everyone furious on her behalf. They all exploded in an instant.

    Lin Yan stood there without saying a word as she observed and watched Lin Shuya's performance.

    Right now, Lin Shuya was looking at Lin Yan with her lips curling up. There was a hint of contempt in her expression.

    She walked over to Lin Yan, looking devastated. "Sister... I know that you still hate me. When we were young, I gave you all my toys. When we grew up, I gave you my cosmetics. Even when you told me that you wanted to go abroad, I took part-time jobs in high school to support you. All these things don't matter... However... Love isn't one-sided. Even if I wanted to give up, I can't..."

    Lin Shuya's heartfelt words touched the reporters, whose reaction was predictable.

    "Lin Shuya gave an interview some time ago about her sister. To think that Lin Yan is her horrible, atrocious sister!"

    They turned towards Lin Yan, their eyes burning with anger.

    "Lin Yan, you are too much! How could you lust after your sister's man?"

    "Yeah! You have hurt her repeatedly despite Shuya's kindness. You created rumors when you didn't manage to get what you wanted. Oh my god! How can there be such a vicious sister on earth? Scum like you have tainted the entertainment industry!"

    "She even posted on Weibo that she founded Angel's Shelter. Putting aside the fact that she snatched Shuya's boyfriend, she even tried to get credit for her work! Why does she like to steal things so much?"


    Lin Shuya inched closer to Lin Yan amid these malicious words.

    She deliberately whispered in Lin Yan's ear, "Lin Yan, I've been more outstanding than you ever since we were kids. I was better at everything, but it's an infuriating fact that you've had a blessed life. You merely depend on luck to beat me at everything. Now, I will make sure everyone sees your true colors and ability!

    To me, you are even more helpless than an ant. You are not even fit to kneel before me and clean my shoes. You are doomed to stay in this inferior position your whole life... Understand?"

    Lin Shuya's words made Lin Yan curl her lips.

    She had never imagined that the sister, whom she would have died to protect, would have such selfish and filthy thoughts.

    This time, she didn't lose her temper, neither did she lose control. Instead, she felt relieved, as though the dust had finally settled.

    Finally, the last bit of tolerance and love she had for her vanished completely.

    Lin Shuya sneered coldly. "Sister, don't struggle anymore. No one in this world knows me better than you. I know all your weaknesses, so everything is under my control. You... are just a pile of useless rubbish..."

    Lin Yan raised her head, her eyes sweeping past Lin Shuya's face lazily with oppressing pressure. "Lin Shuya, do you really think you understand me?"

    Back when they had been a family, she would certainly have exposed everything to her.

    Now that she treated her sister as a stranger, would she still give Lin Shuya any weapons to hurt her?
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