116 Did You Leave Your Brains At Home?

    As Lin Shuya's eyes roved over Lin Yan, there was a gleam of arrogance in her eyes. It seemed as if she was looking down on a tiny ant that was hardly noticeable.

    In the past, Lin Yan had merely been lucky enough to lead a blessed life. Lin Yan had seen her as a charity case and even stolen the man she liked. However, she had used up her luck now. She would get the Lin family, Brother Yixuan, and everything else that belonged to her back.

    As for Lin Yan, she was trash... And she would stay that way. She wasn't even worthy of carrying her shoes for her.

    "Sister, if you need anything, just let me know..." Soon, Lin Shuya stood before the reporters and addressed Lin Yan. "No matter what happens, you are still my sister. No matter what happened in the past, blood will always be thicker than water. Our ties can't be broken."

    Following Lin Shuya's speech, all the reporters felt indignant on her behalf.

    "Shuya, you're too kind. She is not fit to be your sister! I've seen many people like her in my years in this industry. She has absolutely no moral values or ethics!" A bespectacled reporter cast a scornful look at Lin Yan.

    The rest of the reporters nodded in agreement.

    A female reporter in a red dress cast a long disdainful look at Lin Yan before she remarked, "After all, some people can't be considered humans. As long as they reach their goal, they don't care how unscrupulous the methods they use are. They would even use the people closest to them. So what do family ties even mean?"

    "Everyone, please don't say this. My sister may have done this in a befuddled state..." Lin Shuya frowned slightly as though she was hurt and was trying to suppress her sadness.

    "Miss Shuya, he is right. You're too kind. Lin Yan knows that kindness is your weakness and she has shamelessly taken advantage of you. If you don't protect yourself, you will be at a huge disadvantage!" the reporter in red exclaimed aloud.

    Zhao Hongling quietly watched those reporters with a frown. It was wise for her to remain silent at this juncture.

    Zhao Hongling understood Lin Yan quite well. Right at the beginning, she had sensed that there was something wrong with Lin Shuya. However, due to Lin Yan's relationship with Lin Shuya, she hadn't been in a position to comment. Judging from this situation, Lin Shuya really had a huge problem.

    However, the odds weren't in their favor. Lin Shuya had gained the upper hand, as everyone chose to believe her words.

    If she were to clarify for Lin Yan at this juncture, it might backfire instead.

    "Lin Yan, you're really shameless. You went abroad to have fun while you made Shuya work part-time in the scorching sun to earn money for you? Are you even human? It's a misfortune that she has a sister like you!" The reporter in red continued to stare at Lin Yan as her eyes blazed with loathing.

    Lin Yan adjusted her cap and glanced at the reporter with a tiny smile. "Did you leave your brains at home today?"

    "What did you say?"

    The bespectacled reporter chided her angrily. "Are you attacking her because you feel humiliated and ashamed?"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled slightly, but she remained composed. "I'm just reminding you out of kindness. As a reporter, you believe whatever comes out of a person's mouth. Why don't you investigate to get evidence? So it wasn't too much when I merely asked if you left your brains at home."

    Lin Yan rattled on so that the reporter couldn't retort. "You don't have the ability to reflect and think. You think what comes out of a person's mouth is always the truth..."
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