117 Based on Acting Skills

    Lin Yan steered the topic away swiftly. "I would like to interview you now. What kind of education did you receive? Who taught you your exceptional reasoning skills? Tell us so that we can all avoid them. We should never apply to enter the school that you attended!"

    The reporters portrayed Lin Yan as a useless, dumb idiot who only knew how to seduce men and create scandals.

    Never had they expected that she would be this eloquent and logical.

    She had succeeded in sealing the mouths of the reporters with a few sentences. Even the experienced bespectacled reporter, who was from a major magazine agency, had been left speechless.

    Lin Shuya's expression wavered a little. It seemed like she hadn't expected that Lin Yan, who had always been quiet, would suddenly be so sharp and aggressive either.

    It looked like she had been driven to a dead end and had thus acted desperately...

    Lin Shuya's eyes found the bespectacled reporter and made eye contact with him.

    The reporter understood and gritted his teeth. He rose once more and sneered coldly. "You are just a high school dropout, so you are scum in our society. How dare you mention schools and education! Are you fit to talk about this?

    How brazen of you to continue this argument by misleading us. Shuya is so kind... How could she have maligned you?

    Alright, since you say that we have no evidence, we shall erase what we said earlier. However, you lied about dating Han Yixuan and maligned Shuya about being the third party. You have admitted to all this yourself. No one even accused you.

    What about your role in the movie 'Meeting One's Match'? Everyone knows that Director Jiang Yiming is extremely strict when it comes to the audition process for every single role. How did you manage to land the role with your awful acting skills? You couldn't have entered this blockbuster movie without Shuya's help!"

    The reporter had barely finished his sentence when the rest of the reporters caused a ruckus. They attacked her viciously by saying, "Exactly! How can you explain all this? Stop portraying yourself as an innocent victim! How pretentious of you!"

    Lin Yan eyed the bespectacled reporter and expounded. "Firstly, I indeed admit that I said all that. However, you don't have any evidence to prove that I'm telling lies about Lin Shuya. Secondly, I landed this role in 'Meeting One's Match' based on my own capability and acting skills. It had nothing to do with Miss Lin Shuya."

    The reporters guffawed with laughter when Lin Yan finished speaking.

    "Ha ha ha! I had no idea that Lin Yan could be so shameless!"

    "Based on her acting skills? Was it based on her excellent acting in those cliche, lousy dramas?"

    "Everyone knows how bad her acting is. What gave her the courage to say all this?"


    Jiang Yiming had originally had no intention of interfering. However, he couldn't help it at this point.

    "Lin Yan landed this role based on her acting skills!" he muttered under his breath.

    "This girl has immense potential, so the role undoubtedly belongs to her."

    Feng Anhua, who had anticipated Jiang Yiming's reaction, hastily stopped him before he could speak. "Director Jiang, you shouldn't get embroiled in this matter! We can only allow this misunderstanding to go on..."

    "Why? It's unfair to the girl!" Jiang Yiming protested aloud.

    Feng Anhua said helplessly, "Think about it. If you were to stand up for her, the reporters would want evidence from you. Are you going to hand them the audition recording? If you do, they will also find out about Zhou Feng..."

    Jiang Yiming fell silent. He had been left completely speechless.
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