118 Such Immense Courage

    Suddenly, a reporter passed a microphone to Jiang Yiming.

    "Director Jiang, what are your comments on Lin Yan's acting?"

    "Lin Yan claimed that she clinched the role based on her acting. Is it true?"

    "Director Jiang, you should be aware of Shuya and Lin Yan's relationship. That's why you gave her the role, on account of Shuya!"


    Jiang Yiming remained glum and tight-lipped as he heard these questions.

    He wanted to clarify this situation on Lin Yan's behalf, but Zhou Feng's incident was connected to Summit Entertainment. This would lead to dire consequences, so he couldn't allow the reporters to know.

    In the end, Jiang Yiming clammed up and refused to speak.

    Lin Shuya smirked in victory, as she had already expected this.

    She knew Lin Yan too well and was aware of how bad her acting was.

    She had guessed that Lin Yan had gotten lucky once more. When Zhou Feng had been caught red-handed, Jiang Yiming had given her the role to hush things up.

    The reporters assumed that Jiang Yiming had silently admitted this by staying silent. All of them seemed excited.

    "Look! Even Director Jiang admitted it!"

    "She can spin such atrocious lies. Indeed, she lacks principles!"

    "Lin Yan! What else do you have to say?"


    Lin Yan, who understood why Jiang Yiming couldn't speak up for her, shrugged. "There is nothing to be said. Just wait till the movie hits theaters. Everyone can witness my acting when that time comes. That will be the best proof. I hope that... when this happens, all the reporters who slandered me without proof will apologize to me personally."

    The reporters gazed at Lin Yan as though she was a lunatic.

    "Apologize to her? She is mad!"

    "She won't repent or feel remorse until she has failed completely. How shameless!"

    "Apologize? I bet that when that time comes, she will be sobbing and apologizing when she sees the audience clamoring to have their tickets refunded because of her!"

    The bespectacled reporter put on a wide sardonic grin and continued to ridicule her. "Sure. If you're able to prove your acting skills, I will kneel down and apologize to you!"

    "Ha ha ha... Me too!"

    This caused another round of raucous laughter as it echoed around the room.

    Lin Yan scanned the cameras and equipment and nodded in satisfaction. With so many witnesses around, they wouldn't be able to renege on their promise.


    When the interview ended, the studio finally regained its peace and the reporters left.

    Lin Shuya spoke briefly to Jiang Sifei and left shortly.

    Before she left, she threw Lin Yan a long contemptuous look. "Sister, may we meet again."

    Lin Shuya had just left, when Jiang Sifei deliberately eyed Zhao Hongling. She told Zhu Manqian, "I thought that Zhao Hongling was smart. I didn't know she was so stupid as to try to use this trash to secure her position."

    "Hmph! I told you before that Zhao Hongling is leeching off you to survive! I'm afraid that you don't know that she placed a bet with the rest of the managers. In three months, if she doesn't manage to top the sales with Lin Yan, she will resign from her position as director!"

    "Oh my god! She must be crazy!"

    They gossiped aloud until the production crew came to get Jiang Sifei for her fitting. She spun around on her heel haughtily and sauntered away.

    Duoduo looked desperate. "Sister Yan, why did you have to say things like that? What should we do when that time comes?"

    She had previously also made a declaration before the managers of the company. Now, she had done the same in front of the reporters...

    Lin Yan blinked in confusion. "What should we do? Shouldn't you ask them instead? That's what the reporters should be worried about!"

    Duoduo was speechless...

    What exactly gave her such immense courage?
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