119 She Was Hooked on Earning Money, Unable to Extricate Herself

    Soon, the entire crew swarmed towards Jiang Sifei. In no time, only Lin Yan, Duoduo and Zhao Hongling were left.

    During the next few hours, no one would pay them any attention.

    Everyone was crowding around Jiang Sifei as though she was filming for a fashion walkway. She changed into several outfits as the crew lavished her with praise.

    Time flew past and afternoon came. Lin Yan had been waiting for three hours.

    Zhao Hongling glanced at her watch with a slight frown.

    She hazarded a guess that they wouldn't be able to take their photo today.

    Lin Yan and Jiang Sifei were scheduled for the morning session. The rest of the celebrities were scheduled in the afternoon.

    If Jiang Sifei took up too much time, then they would have to skip Lin Yan's part.

    Duoduo watched Lin Yan on tenterhooks, as she was worried that Lin Yan would throw a tantrum due to the long wait. In the end, Lin Yan merely got engrossed in her games.

    Duoduo was speechless. "Sister Ling, thank god you got her to download games on her phone..."

    In reality, no one knew that Lin Yan had merely been 'hooked on earning money' and was unable to extricate herself.

    After some contemplation, she realized that this type of game was very popular. She might as well use her forte and spend her free time on these games to earn some money.

    She could play games and earn money at the same time. What an enjoyable way to kill time!

    As she practiced, she sneakily sent an invitation on the forum to bait rich players.

    "Sister Ling, let me check when it's our turn."


    Duoduo rose and left to look for the production crew.

    The overall-in-charge was talking to Zhu Manqian with a fawning smile. "Sister Qian, Sifei's figure is fabulous, so she can pull off any kind of outfit! She really looks like a model. She looks good in everything..."

    "Hello, can I just check when is the time for Lin Yan's turn?" asked Duoduo.

    The overall-in-charge, who was interrupted, spun her head around irritably. "What is the rush? The female lead is still not done with her photoshoot. Why is a supporting actress rushing us?"

    Duoduo started getting anxious. No matter how much she disliked Lin Yan, she needed to help her get the best benefits. "She has been applying her makeup and changing outfits for hours. There isn't much time left for Sister Yan..."

    The photographer they had hired was a famous and experienced professional. His schedule was hectic, so he definitely wouldn't have time for a re-shoot. Jiang Sifei had deliberately tried to rob Lin Yan of the chance to have a photoshoot.

    If she didn't manage to take her photo today, then Lin Yan would definitely not be able to appear in the publicity campaign of the movie.

    Jiang Sifei, who was still dawdling and strolling to and fro, glanced at Duoduo with a sly smile. "Duoduo, are you Lin Yan's assistant now?"

    "So what?" snapped Duoduo.

    She had taken care of Jiang Sifei previously and made every effort to follow and serve her as though she had been her mistress. Who knew she would be so heartless?

    Jiang Sifei, who was now wearing a glamorous gown, bowed her head and peered at her. "We are really close and I'm not used to my new assistant. You can really take care of someone well. Why don't you come over and help me? I'll pay you double."

    She meant that Duoduo had served her well and she would pay her twice to continue serving her.

    Duoduo was about to explode from anger.

    How dare Jiang Sifei try to poach her as well?

    Did Jiang Sifei assume that she would be so ungrateful as well?
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