120 Bulls Eye

    She came from a small town and she had been doing odd jobs at various production sets before meeting Sister Ling. Her tasks involved moving equipment, buying drinks, and handling the workload of several other people.

    Sister Ling had noticed how hardworking she was and hired her as an assistant. It was a job most people would envy.

    Although she didn't know much, there was no way she would betray her benefactor!

    Duoduo snorted coldly. "Keep that money for your plastic surgery instead!"

    Duoduo's remarks had hit the bull's eye. Jiang Sifei's eyes flashed scarlet. "You..."

    Zhu Manqian comforted her hastily. "Sifei, forget it! This lass is ignorant and will have a hard time being with Lin Yan. Hardship is awaiting her!"


    Duoduo's face was gloomy and her eyes were red. She must have been bullied.

    "What happened?" asked Zhao Hongling hastily.

    "Sister Ling, I'm fine. They are just too much! Jiang Sifei was deliberately making things difficult..."

    Zhao Hongling gazed at Duoduo, looking conflicted. After a moment of silence, she quipped, "When I first hired you, it was because Sifei needed an assistant. You have always been taking care of her. Actually, assistants usually follow the artist, and you are already really familiar with her. If you..."

    Duoduo, who understood what Zhao Hongling was trying to say, became agitated. "Sister Ling! Who do you think I am? I don't care who I follow, I only know you! I will obey your orders! Even if I have to stick with pretentious Lin Yan, I will never go work for that traitor Jiang Sifei!"

    Lin Yan, who was minding her own business as she played her games, was attacked once more...

    True enough, Lin Yan failed to have her photos taken.

    The overall-in-charge said half-heartedly, "We will plan a photoshoot again." However, deep down, they knew the truth.

    "We have waited for so long and now she is just asking us to leave? Sister Ling, let me look for the director!" Duoduo's temper was rising once more.

    Zhao Hongling shook her head. "Without orders from above, she wouldn't have dared to do this."

    This meant that the top management had approved of this.

    Between Jiang Sifei and Lin Yan, it was a no-brainer who the management would choose.

    They only supported the party who could benefit them the most.

    They tolerated Lin Yan because she could create publicity and indulged Jiang Sifei because of her backer.

    "Let's go." Zhao Hongling glanced at Lin Yan.

    She was about to comfort Lin Yan, when she saw Lin Yan raising her head in confusion. "Huh? So fast? Wait a second! Let me finish this game! I will finish them all!"

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    She and Duoduo had been getting anxious, yet that lass appeared to be perfectly fine as she concentrated on her games.

    It was as if she had known all along...


    The three of them went down the stairs and walked to the parking lot.

    Zhao Hongling called the driver. After her conversation with him, she became somber.

    "There are many fans outside the studio and the parking lot right now," said Zhao Hongling.

    Duoduo whipped out her phone to check the news and Weibo. "As expected, the earlier video clips have been uploaded by the media... along with the studio's location. Many fans rushed over here...'

    Lin Yan stood there, deep in thought. Seconds later, she said, "Sister Ling, the fans won't recognize you and Duoduo. We can part ways. I will think of something."

    Zhao Hongling immediately objected. "You can't."

    Lin Yan was about to speak again, when a small group appeared at the end of the corridor.

    Assistants and bodyguards surrounded a man that towered over them. He was wearing an ash-gray retro suit. His perfect features seemed to have been carved by the hands of God, and he was exceptionally good-looking and gorgeous.

    The gentle-looking man had a smile on his face. His presence was like a gust of spring wind...

    Duoduo blushed furiously when she spotted him. She got so worked up that she spluttered, "Ahh! Pei... The award-winning... Pei... Pei Nanxu!"
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