121 Could Pei Nanxu Be Blind?

    She had just gotten into a scandal with him, and now she had really bumped into him.

    How awkward was this?

    Duoduo really felt like crying. Lin Yan's 'lovers' were really everywhere, so they could bump into one at any time.

    Besides, this was the biggest of them all!

    "Mr. Pei." Zhao Hongling was composed as she bowed politely and greeted him.

    No one would be pleased to see Lin Yan after what she had done.

    Fortunately, Pei Nanxu was a celebrity of esteemed status. Thus, he shouldn't be too bothered by such petty matters.

    When Zhao Hongling had gone to his company to clarify matters, everyone had seemed polite and reasonable.

    She held Duoduo and Lin Yan's hands as they stood aside.

    Duoduo gripped Lin Yan tightly as she watched Pei Nanxu striding towards them. They retreated into a corner.

    No one had expected that Pei Nanxu would suddenly halt and turn around. He strode back and stopped in front of the trio, who kept their heads bowed.

    Duoduo heard a voice that could get any lady pregnant-

    "Miss Lin."

    It was Pei Nanxu's voice!

    He... Award-winning actor Pei Nanxu... was talking to Lin Yan...

    Duoduo raised her head instinctively in surprise.

    However, this wasn't the first time that Lin Yan had spoken to Pei Nanxu. After all, she had been his fan for years. As she stood before Pei Nanxu, she couldn't help but tremble from excitement and other overwhelming emotions.

    She was rather startled when Pei Nanxu initiated a conversation. Thus, she stammered nervously, "Hi... Senior..."

    Pei Nanxu chuckled, sounding helpless. "Miss Lin, if it's fine with you, could you change the way you address me? I'm afraid I don't deserve to be addressed as... your senior."

    The seniority between them was wrong.

    Lin Yan responded, "Ahh..."

    "Just call me Nanxu." Pei Nanxu smiled at her.

    Lin Yan shook her head furiously in an instant. "This... This isn't very appropriate..."

    How was she worthy of calling him by his name?

    What if someone heard her?

    Pei Nanxu didn't insist, He merely took a bag from his assistant, passed it to Lin Yan and said, "Miss Lin, there are fans outside, so it's hard for you to leave. Put this on first and I'll take you out later."

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    Meanwhile, Duoduo was completely dumbfounded by their conversation. To be precise, she was shocked by the way Pei Nanxu had treated Lin Yan.

    She had assumed that he would be questioning her instead, but the situation was totally different from what she had imagined.

    He had asked Lin Yan to call him by his name and even stopped to help her. He had actually prepared clothes for Lin Yan.

    Could... beloved actor Pei Nanxu be...

    This was too incredible!

    This assumption shattered Duoduo's world, as she had been a long-time loyal fan of Pei Nanxu.

    Duoduo, who couldn't hold back her words any longer, asked in a hushed whisper, "Sister Yan! Why is he so nice to you? He even offered to help you! What is your relationship with him?"

    Lin Yan was also overwhelmed by the sudden favor she had been granted. "It's not the relationship you are thinking of..."

    Duoduo hissed, "What else could it be? Look at the two of you now!"

    Although she didn't want her suspicions to be true, Pei Nanxu's attitude had indeed forced her to think that way.

    Lin Yan replied helplessly, "What are you thinking of? Don't tell me that you reckon he would be so shortsighted as to fall for me?"

    Duoduo shook her head violently and answered, "No."

    Lin Yan replied, "There, you have your answer."

    Pei Nanxu wasn't blind...

    Instead... His older brother was...
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