122 Relatives

    Duoduo and Zhao Hongling couldn't rebut Lin Yan's words.

    In hindsight, no matter how they analyzed this, there was no way Pei Nanxu could have fallen for Lin Yan.

    If they were to compare their status in the entertainment industry, Pei Nanxu had risen to the A-list ranks almost immediately after his debut. He had been recognized for his talent and acting skills and was fully deserving of the title of the entertainment industry's top celebrity. In addition, he was one of the shareholders of Summit Entertainment.

    As far as their family backgrounds were concerned, the disparity was even more glaring. He was the second young master of the most influential and prestigious aristocratic family in the capital city. His mother's family abroad was equally formidable. His older brother, Pei Yucheng, was a legendary figure in the business world and President of JM Corporation, a multinational conglomerate.

    Speaking of Pei Yucheng, who was a legend with extraordinary achievements in the business world, the sensation he had caused in the entertainment industry had been unprecedented.

    Even though Pei Yucheng wasn't part of the entertainment industry, his popularity didn't pale in comparison to any other actor's.

    In the entertainment industry, batches of male idols were being replaced over and over again, but Pei Yucheng's position at the summit had always been as stable as a mountain.

    Once, the paparazzi had chased after Pei Nanxu and accidentally taken a photo of Pei Yucheng. That was the first time Pei Yucheng's image had been exposed to the public.

    In the photograph, he had been wearing his spectacles while leaning on his silver sports car. Although only half of his face had been visible, all the male celebrities had been abandoned by their fans overnight.

    Numerous female fans who had been infatuated with Pei Yucheng had tried to find information about him. JM Corporation's Weibo account had been swarmed by millions of followers, and the viewership of the financial news channel had increased...

    As a result, Pei Nanxu had often jokingly remarked in front of his fans that the reason they were his fans was because they wanted him to post photos of his older brother.

    When news of Pei Yucheng's critical illness broke out, a huge sensation took over the entertainment industry. Thousands of fans cried and prayed for him. They also saved a rare photo of him taken in the hospital and treasured it like a gem.

    Thus, one could imagine that, even if Pei Nanxu, Shen Chaomu, Wei Xufeng, Tang Jiaye, and Han Yixuan's fans were combined, Pei Yucheng's fans alone would still crush them.

    After all, he had the ability to make all female fans abandon their idols.

    Hence, there was no way, a man like Pei Nanxu, whose family background and status were beyond anyone's reach, would like Lin Yan, a mere celebrity with a tainted image.

    Duoduo believed Lin Yan, as she had absolute trust in Pei Nanxu's taste. She calmed down a little as she said, "Then why is Pei Nanxu helping you?"

    "Errr..." Lin Yan was stumped while looking for an answer to this question.

    Why would Pei Nanxu help her? Needless to say, it had to be because of Pei Yucheng.

    But how could she say this?

    Should she admit that his brother was her boyfriend and that was why Pei Nanxu was helping her?

    Lin Yan was well aware of how huge of an influence Pei Yucheng had. She couldn't bear to imagine what would happen if his fans were to find out what she had done to Pei Yucheng. She would probably be reduced to ashes.

    There was no way she would tell anyone about her relationship with Pei Yucheng.

    However, how should she explain her relationship with Pei Nanxu in that case?

    If she said that they were friends, it would sound ambiguous and incredible. Plus, she didn't want to lie to Sister Ling.

    It was too difficult...

    Oh gosh, this was so difficult for her...

    Lin Yan racked her brains to find a suitable explanation. "If I had to describe my relationship with Pei Nanxu, I would say that we are considered... relatives?"

    Based on relationships and seniority, he was her boyfriend's younger brother. Thus, he could be considered her brother-in-law, right?

    It wouldn't be entirely a lie if she said that they were relatives, right?
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