123 It is Incredible?

    Duoduo, who didn't look convinced at all, narrowed her eyes. "Your family name is Lin, and his is Pei. How can you be relatives?"

    Lin Yan quipped airily, "Can't we be relatives even if we don't have the same family name?"

    "Of course you can. But... Why didn't you mention it before?"

    If this was indeed true, Lin Yan should have made a grand announcement and publicized it widely to boost her popularity.

    Therefore, it was most likely a lie...

    Duoduo was still suspicious as she glanced at Zhao Hongling.

    It was obvious that Zhao Hongling had been kept in the dark as well. However, she could tell that Lin Yan didn't seem to be too willing to say much, so she didn't press on.

    Lin Yan rattled on, "He is a distant relative. A very distant, faraway kind of relative. It's normal that all of you were unaware. The point is that he is very nice. That's why he helped..."

    She believed that this reason was valid. After all, when she broke up with Pei Yucheng, she naturally wouldn't be related to Pei Nanxu at all.

    Duoduo sounded rather surprised. "So you are related to famous award-winning actor Pei Nanxu? It's incredible!"

    Even though they were distant relatives, it was still amazing!

    Lin Yan pursed her lips. "Is it that incredible?"

    Why was she making such a big fuss over this?

    She was also the daddy of the youngest brother, Pei Yutang!

    Lin Yan had been whispering to Duoduo for quite some time. Meanwhile, Pei Nanxu had been standing there quietly and patiently as he waited.

    In the end, Duoduo and Zhao Hongling became conscious of this and retreated a few steps so that he could talk to Lin Yan.

    "There is a restroom at the end of the corridor. You can change inside," suggested Pei Nanxu.

    Lin Yan was rather hesitant.

    She felt jittery and fearful about receiving Pei Nanxu's help.

    After all, her relationship with Pei Yucheng was complicated and was completely out of her control.

    If she could choose, she would rather have nothing to do with Pei Yucheng.

    Her life was more precious, though.


    She might get into Pei Nanxu's car in broad daylight, with numerous pairs of eyes gawking at them...

    Wasn't this... too exciting?

    Lin Yan had to summon her courage and force herself to reject his kind offer. "Thank you, Senior, for offering your help. However, this is a little too risky. If the fans see us, I won't be able to clear my name. Although that's fine by me, I can't allow your reputation to be affected in any way.

    How about I accept your clothes instead? I will think of a way to get out later!"

    Lin Yan felt that she had managed to spin a perfect, tactful excuse.

    She was confident that Pei Nanxu wouldn't be able to insist after hearing her.

    In the end, Pei Nanxu watched her with a meaningful expression and whispered to her, "But my brother is waiting for you in the car."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    His brother... was... waiting for her in the car?

    How could she decline?

    He should have mentioned this earlier!

    Then, she wouldn't have had to rack her brains for an excuse to decline his help.

    Lin Yan looked as though she was close to crying. "Oh, okay then. Hold on, I'll get changed."

    Pei Nanxu chuckled. "Alright, take your time. I'll wait for you."

    Suspicion flashed past Pei Nanxu's eyes as he watched the girl clutching the clothes, looking as though she was a tragic heroine walking to her death.

    Why did he feel that the girl... didn't look forward to meeting his brother... and certainly not a lover?

    She instead seemed... fearful?
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