124 Becoming Rich Instantly

    In no time, Lin Yan had changed into the same outfit as Pei Nanxu's assistant.

    "Director Zhao, I promise to take Miss Lin safely back home. Don't worry," Pei Nanxu said.

    Zhao Hongling replied politely, "Sorry to trouble you."

    Duoduo watched as Lin Yan followed closely Pei Nanxu and reeled off swiftly. "Sister Ling, do you believe Lin Yan's words? Pei Nanxu is really her distant relative? I thought Lin Yan had always had a crush on him. Didn't she? I even remember that her WeChat photo and name were related to Pei Nanxu!"

    Zhao Hongling shook her head. "I can't be sure, but at least it's not a romantic affair."

    Lin Yan had indeed had a huge crush on Pei Nanxu. However, judging by the way they behaved, there shouldn't be any ambiguous feelings involved.

    Duoduo deliberated before she answered, "Actually, Lin Yan is right. He is probably just lending a hand..."


    Pei Nanxu led Lin Yan and another bodyguard through an exit that led to the basement car park.

    Indeed, a horde of fans was already waiting to ambush them.

    The fans screamed crazily when they saw Pei Nanxu from far away.

    Lin Yan, who was wearing a mask, forced herself to remain composed as she walked behind Pei Nanxu.

    As a gentleman, Pei Nanxu instinctively wanted to open the door for Lin Yan. However, she was pretending to be his assistant right now, so he couldn't do that.

    Lin Yan was alert as she swiftly darted forward to open the door. Then, she walked around the car and got in from the other door.

    The bodyguard got in the car behind them.

    "Brother, I got her," Pei Nanxu said in a hushed voice when they got in.

    Pei Yucheng grunted in response.

    He was already sitting in the back seat.

    There was a pile of documents in his hands, and he was wearing a formal suit. The lighting was dim inside the car, so she could only vaguely see the side of his face. However, this was enough for her heart to begin racing wildly.

    That face was perfect from any angle.

    Pei Yucheng looked extraordinary dashing in a formal suit, unlike when he was casually dressed in private. He seemed to have attended an event earlier on. His shirt and tie were impeccable. Although his Buccellati cufflinks, which were encrusted with jewels, looked ordinary and subdued, their price was jaw-dropping. A pair of Lotos spectacles framed his face, while his white shirt was meticulously buttoned-up right up to the collar.

    This was the first time Lin Yan had seen Pei Yucheng in such formal attire. A mere look at him had almost caused her heart to stop beating.

    This explained why a blurry photo of him could make the ladies go crazy...

    Right now, this man was truly sitting before her eyes, completely alive and real.

    It was spacious in the car, so Pei Nanxu had taken the opposite seat. As a result, Lin Yan could only sit down next to Pei Yucheng.

    She pressed herself along the window, leaving space for another person in between them.

    "Mr. Pei..." Lin Yan greeted him meekly and cautiously.

    Pei Yucheng raised his head, the mysterious eyes behind his lens meeting hers. "Miss Lin."

    His deep, seductive voice sounded like a cello as it echoed around the enclosed space. Lin Yan strangely felt that his formal way of addressing her had instead made her lose control.

    No! She had sworn to give up on looks! She had to focus on earning money and becoming rich instantly!

    "When Buddha was traveling on a journey to enlightenment, he was led from the pain of suffering and rebirth. He sat beneath the Bodhi tree, deeply absorbed in meditation. Reality is a phantom, and its form is nonexistent. The void is a world of senses..."

    Lin Yan repeated this under her breath several times. Suddenly, a cheerful voice interrupted, coming from the driver's seat as a head popped up. "Big Sister-In-Law!"
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