125 A Major Car Collision

    Lin Yan got a bad shock from Pei Yutang's sudden appearance. "What the... Third Young Master... Why are you here as well?"

    "It's the weekend, so I don't have any classes! I'm here to be my brother's chauffeur for free!" Pei Yutang grinned from ear to ear, revealing his cute front teeth.

    It sounded as if he had been trying to repent and fight for a chance to display his best behavior ever since his last mistake.

    "Yutang, we shouldn't linger too long here. Let's get out first," Pei Nanxu reminded him.

    "Okay!" Pei Yutang ignited the engine and drove off.

    Lin Yan placed her knees close to each other and sat as obediently as a school student.

    Soon, they left the car park.

    After they exited, a spectacular sight greeted them. The sea of fans was truly everywhere.

    Some fans were holding gigantic posters, while others were holding banners.

    Lin Yan had watched the news earlier, so she knew that the news about her and Lin Shuya had leaked. Now, the criticism had multiplied at least ten times and sprouted from all directions.

    Most of the fans stalking her outside were Lin Shuya's fans, who were here to seek justice on her behalf. Han Yixuan's fans made up the rest, along with a minority of the other male celebrities' fans. This was indeed a spectacular sight to behold.

    For instance, she spotted numerous banners stating 'Lin Yan, get lost from the entertainment industry!' with a picture of a windmill next to the words that represented Wei Xufeng's fans.

    Not far off were banners with the words 'Lin Yan and dogs are banned from getting near our Brother!' Pictures of coconut candy were featured, representing Tang Jiaye.

    Banners with the words, 'Lin Yan is a b*tch that should be struck by lightning' were held by fans of Han Yixuan.

    Pei Yutang, who was driving, admired the banners with loud gasps. "Big Sister-In-Law, this is too awesome. Your rumored boyfriends should be enough to fill a mahjong table."

    Lin Yan's face hardened when she heard him.

    How dare he bring up the topic of her rumored boyfriends when her current boyfriend, who was also his big brother, was around?

    Did he want her to die as well?

    Pei Yutang swiftly realized that he had said something inappropriate. To ease the awkward tension, he turned on the radio as he coughed. "Ahem, let's listen to some songs... Let me turn on the radio..."

    The song was about to end, as the DJ now started to announce some news.

    She said, "Today, we will be chatting about the female celebrity with the most number of rumored boyfriends..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    A sense of foreboding hit her.

    The DJ reeled off, "I believe that everyone knows the answer! It's the celebrity who was revealed to be Lin Shuya's older sister, Lin Yan! According to sources, the list of boyfriends includes Han Yixuan, Shen Chaomu, Tang Jiaye, Wei Xufeng..."

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Every time a name was announced, Lin Yan felt as though her persona had been slammed with a bang. She soon crumbled like ashes.

    A major car collision couldn't be compared to this!

    Lin Yan turned stiffly to steal a glance at Pei Yucheng's reaction.

    He remained in the same position, tilting his head slightly to peer out of the window. As he watched those crazy fans quietly, no one could figure out the swirling emotions in his eyes.

    The calmer and more indifferent Pei Yucheng was, the more fearful Lin Yan was.

    Pei Yutang looked startled as well. He'd had no idea that his sister-in-law's news would be announced the moment he turned on the radio.

    Pei Yutang fumbled for the buttons to change the station.

    When he changed the radio station, they heard another voice...

    "Recently, Lin Yan has been embroiled in a scandal with top award-winning actor Pei Nanxu..."

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    Was he trying to exterminate her on purpose?
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