127 He Certainly Would Mind

    Lin Yan choked and coughed hard.

    At this very moment, she felt as though she was a kettle boiling furiously away.

    Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought that Pei Yucheng would openly declare that he was jealous.

    He wasn't angry, nor was he lecturing her. He merely wanted to let her know that he would mind and get jealous when he heard rumors about her and other men.

    Lin Yan felt as if she had almost died!

    'Mommy, I think I'm in love...'

    'To the extent that I might give up everything for this man...'

    The unattached Pei Yutang was speechless...

    So was the unattached Pei Nanxu...

    Why did she feel like she was sparkling all over?

    She had thought that this would be the end of the world for her, yet she felt as though she had been pelted all over the face by his words.

    Pei Nanxu coughed softly to interrupt them. "Brother, you know that those rumors are merely created to increase viewership. It's not true..."

    Lin Yan suddenly thought of something and fell quiet.

    After some time, she raised her head, looking hesitantly at the man next to her. She deliberated carefully before saying, "Mr. Pei, you should know that I'm being lambasted by everyone both online and in public. I have no acting skills and I'm uncouth and despicable. I even plotted against my sister, and I have countless rumored boyfriends... Everyone hates me... Don't... you mind?"

    She didn't believe that, given Pei Yucheng's capability, he wouldn't be able to find out about her past. Hence, she found it strange that Pei Yucheng would accept her as his girlfriend so readily.

    If he hadn't known at first, he would definitely investigate after this day. Even Pei Yutang was aware of her past.

    It didn't sound logical at all. That's why everything felt surreal.

    Even Pei Yutang, who was driving, became alert and curious when he heard Lin Yan's question. He wanted to know the answer too!

    When he had first heard about his Big Brother's relationship from his Second Brother, he had been dying to know what was on his Big Brother's mind!

    Lin Yan saw the man's eyes turning dark and cold.

    He answered, "I do mind."

    Although Lin Yan had expected this answer, she had no idea why her heart would make a sudden thud.

    She was about to reply, but the man added, "Do you need my help to settle everything?"

    He was certainly bothered by the people who had been criticizing her.

    Lin Yan responded, "Ahh..."

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Lin Yan coughed violently in shock. "Cough... Cough... Ahem... No... It's fine..."

    'Why does President Pei change the script every time?' Lin Yan thought to herself.

    Her heart and life were too weak to survive being constantly shocked by him...

    Why would anyone offer to take care of her problems for her before finding out the truth?

    However, Pei Yucheng's unwavering trust had touched her.

    She was used to people not believing in her, yet this man had never once expressed his doubts.

    Lin Yan waved her hands hastily to dismiss his suggestion. "They're all minor problems! I can solve them myself."

    Pei Yutang had a hard time digesting his brother's sudden declaration. "Big Sister-In-Law, you're too low-key! I read the news and they boasted that Lin Shuya's backers and connections are strong and powerful in the entertainment industry. Come on! How could she dream of beating you in this aspect? Obviously, you are the one with the most powerful connections in the entertainment industry! Why don't you just use my brother's name?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    If she really did, she would be shredded to pieces. Furthermore, she would implicate Pei Yucheng...

    Right now, what she cared about the most were the false accusations being hurled at her, not the fact that she was being suppressed.

    Although she knew that this person had to be blind to fall for her, deep down, she still didn't want anyone to question Pei Yucheng's taste in women...
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