129 Wasnt She Pretending to Be In Love?


    How could this happen?

    She was bound to have a sleepless night...

    Lin Yan had always assumed that even if she were to marry Pei Yucheng, he would definitely continue to be cordial and treat her with mutual respect.

    However, the truth was that... it didn't seem like it...

    Although he had been polite and formal during their interactions and seemed to treat her as though they were acquaintances, he could really melt her heart sometimes as though his mind was bent on it.

    He had made her heart race so many times, yet she couldn't even protest.

    After all, Pei Yucheng had done nothing wrong. They were supposed to be dating right now.

    She lay in bed, trying to calm herself down. Unfortunately, she only managed to sleep after several hours.

    Before falling asleep, she didn't forget to update her Weibo account.

    It had been several days since she had created her new Weibo account. If she had nothing special to post, she would update with a usual post.

    Just like her update right now...

    'The Only Way To Solve Your Worries Is To Get Rich' typed, 'Did I become rich today? Nope.'

    Today, Lin Shuya had accepted the reporters' interview and spilled the beans on their relationship. Thus, many people had been waiting for Lin Yan to update her Weibo.

    After a long day of waiting, she had merely posted this.

    Other than striking it rich, was there anything else on this woman's mind?

    Why did she make the same post daily?

    Lin Yan ignored all the criticism about her post and browsed through her book before falling asleep.

    The next day, she had no scenes to shoot. She also had no other schedules, so Zhao Hongling allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

    She only had a supporting role in 'Meeting One's Match' so there weren't that many scenes. She would be entering the production a few days later.

    Hence, Lin Yan took a trip to the hospital.

    She had been in a bad state both physically and mentally ever since she had come back from abroad. Initially, she'd had regular appointments with a psychiatrist. However, she had given up after some time. She had even stopped having physical therapy for her left leg.

    To make a brand new start, she needed to be healthy and fit.

    Lin Yan made an appointment with her psychiatrist.

    This psychiatrist had been introduced by her teammate overseas. She could trust his recommendation.

    "Hi, Miss Lin. It has been some time." The psychiatrist greeted her.

    Lin Yan replied, "Hi, Doctor An."

    The psychiatrist surveyed her and smiled. "Do you need my help today?"

    Lin Yan answered, "I would like you to examine me. I didn't take any medication during this period and I was wondering about my recovery."

    The psychiatrist glanced at her and grinned. "I think you don't need me to examine you. From the first step you took when you walked in, I could tell that you look perfectly fine."

    Lin Yan stroked her face. "Huh... Really? Is it that obvious?"

    The doctor asked, "Did something good happen to you?"

    Lin Yan blinked a few times. "Something good?"

    The doctor probed, "Perhaps... Love?"

    Lin Yan's eyes widened in shock. "How could you even know this?"

    She felt that something was amiss after she finished speaking.

    Hmmm... Something wasn't right. Although she might be dating someone, it wasn't real. Wasn't she pretending to be in love?

    The doctor chuckled softly. "Looks like you have completely recovered. You don't need further verification from me."
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