130 Physiotherapy

    Lin Yan scratched her head. She was well aware of her current condition. "Many things happened during this period. I've thought things through as well, so I do feel better... Nevertheless, thank you, Doctor An!"

    "You're welcome. How are you feeling regarding the condition you mentioned before?" asked Doctor An.

    Previously, Lin Yan had told Doctor An about losing her consciousness.

    Lin Yan sighed and muttered softly, "I wanted to talk to you about this as well. This is the main reason I'm here today. Even though it hasn't occurred recently, I'm still worried."

    Doctor An nodded to indicate that she understood. "You have been through thorough examinations, so I don't think there is a problem with your body or health. I guess it could be a psychological problem."

    Doctor An thought for a moment before she said, "Miss Lin, has it ever occurred to you that the things you've done while you lost your consciousness could be what you have always wanted to do unconsciously?"

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was taken aback.

    What she had always wanted to do?

    Was she implying that she was a pervert?

    "It's impossible..." Lin Yan coughed to clear her throat.

    Doctor An chuckled. "Actually, there have been similar cases before. Some patients hide their desires deep within their consciousness and suppress them for a long time. Hence, it's not entirely impossible that you have done something while you were unconscious. It's just that you might have forgotten about it or locked up that specific memory after it happened."

    "So I could possibly have been talking to myself as well?"

    "There is a possibility..."

    Lin Yan mulled over her words. Indeed, Doctor An's diagnosis sounded more believable than the possibility of being possessed or suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

    She had been desperate enough to come up with this ridiculous idea.

    As far as dissociative identity disorder was concerned, there should be other accompanying symptoms and behavior. Other than these few occurrences, everything else was normal. This hardly affected her life or mental health.


    If these occurrences had happened because of the desires deep within her, wasn't this possibility scarier?

    She suddenly saw a vivid image of a protagonist in a fantasy novel who was controlled by the demons and desires within her.

    Nevertheless, Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief, as her condition wasn't so serious.

    On the bright side, this perverted side or desire within her might disappear once she made a full recovery...


    After Lin Yan left the psychiatric ward, she went to the rehabilitation ward. She had decided to schedule regular appointments in the future.

    She had paid in advance for an entire year, but she had been too despondent to turn up for the visits. She had simply given up.

    Initially, she had been on the way to recovery when she had been abroad. However, her recovery process had been disrupted, so she reckoned that she might have to start again.

    What she feared the most wasn't starting all over again.

    Inside the room, Lin Yan followed the physiotherapist's instructions and repeated the boring, draining exercises.

    After two hours, she was completely drenched in sweat.

    The physiotherapist had recognized Lin Yan at first glance. She was the woman who was embroiled in several shocking scandals.

    At first, he treated her with a trace of contempt. However, towards the end of the session, he couldn't help but admire her unwavering perseverance and determination in completing two hours of physiotherapy.
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