131 The Most Unlikely Couple

    After the session ended, the physiotherapist couldn't help but strike up a conversation with her. "Miss Lin, your determination is really admirable. Most people would be wailing in agony after ten minutes. You didn't even frown after nearly two hours..."

    "Really?" Lin Yan smiled before she scowled. "Actually, I have already cried buckets of tears in my heart. You just didn't know..."

    Physiotherapy was indeed grueling, but she had undergone more intense sessions, so she was used to it.

    The physiotherapist, who hadn't expected her answer, grinned in amusement.

    It hadn't occurred to him that Lin Yan would be so unassuming. She wasn't as mean or demanding as she was rumored to be. When he spoke once again, he said, "Miss Lin, your leg has suffered a very serious injury. Your bones and muscles have been severely damaged. If a remarkable surgeon hadn't operated on you, I'm afraid that this leg would have been crippled. How did you sustain such a severe injury?"

    Lin Yan's eyes flickered as she answered airily, "I got into a minor car accident."

    Her injury was so serious that it couldn't possibly have been a minor accident.

    However, this was her private life, so the physiotherapist merely nodded and didn't probe any further. He just told her, "The session is over for today. Remember to come on time next week! You really can't delay getting treatment any longer. If you had delayed it any longer, your muscles would have been permanently deformed and no amount of physiotherapy would have helped! If you need to perform high-precision movements, this will affect you."

    Lin Yan nodded. "Got it, thank you!"


    The criticism online became more intense.

    The official Weibo account of 'Meeting One's Match' had released the actors' photos and made the top of the search rankings.

    Pei Nanxu received favorable feedback for his character's styling and image. Although Jiang Sifei's photo had been heavily photo-shopped until it was hardly recognizable, she still garnered favorable feedback from the novel's fans and the public.

    It was clear that Jiang Sifei's photo had been photo-shopped. Fortunately, her reputation and image were well-maintained and the fans' impression of her was positive. The public also trusted her acting skills, so she didn't receive any criticism.

    Lin Yan hadn't managed to take her photo, so the photo of her character, Lin Pianruo, wasn't released.

    Anyway, it didn't matter. Her character was a supporting role after all.

    The movie 'Meeting One's Match' was adapted from a popular novel. Thus, Lin Pianruo's character had a devoted fan base, even though she wasn't the protagonist.

    Hence, when they released the names of the actors, the fans were furious when they discovered that their idol would be played by Lin Yan.

    What they found most infuriating was that Lin Pianruo was a couple with Fang Canyang. The actor who would be playing this character was hot and popular Wei Xufeng!

    Lin Pianruo was a domineering president according to the story, and Fang Canyang was her young and cool boyfriend!

    The fans of the novel had initially had high expectations for this pairing. However, in the end, the role of Lin Pianruo had gone to the pretentious and scheming Lin Yan!

    They felt as though someone had fed them a spoonful of dung...

    Thanks to the help and instigation of this news, the rage of the fans was amplified.

    The official Weibo account of 'Meeting One's Match' was almost drowned by the criticism left by the fans. When they saw Wei Xufeng's photo, the fans cried as though a family member had died...
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