132 A Female Lead With a Crown

    'F*ck! How dare the production pair Lin Yan with our beloved Xufeng? Damn it!'

    'Lin Yan is so ugly... Plus, she is a conniving, pretentious b*tch! How could she act as the goddess Lin Pianruo? Was the production team under a spell during the auditions?'

    'Calling for everyone to boycott 'Meeting One's Match'! If Lin Yan portrays Lin Pianruo, I will never watch it! Why would I watch something so disgusting?'

    'Didn't everyone notice that Lin Pianruo didn't even have her own promotional photos? Even the production knows that her looks are too shameful to be seen!'


    After the official list of actors was released, Wei Xufeng's fans attacked at full force. Some fans who were more aggressive and worked-up even cropped Lin Yan's face and photo-shopped it into a deceased person's photo.

    Lin Yan didn't give any feedback regarding any of this criticism. She merely repeated her daily post.

    'Have I become rich today? Nope.'

    Lin Yan wasn't too familiar with Wei Xufeng. She had merely heard about him and was purely a fan of his songs.

    The Wei family ran a jewel business and was a prestigious family in the capital city. Wei Xufeng was the youngest member of the family and the most pampered son.

    Wei Xufeng was indeed talented in music. He had studied music ever since he was a child and debuted at the age of 18. He could compose, write lyrics, sing and play a variety of instruments. When he had debuted, his incredible talent and musical abilities had taken the industry by storm. Soon, he had ventured into acting.

    He was so talented that he seemed blessed by the heavens.

    Unfortunately, a brilliant and talented man like him had fallen for Lin Shuya.

    Both of them were working for Triumph Entertainment, and he was considered Lin Shuya's senior. When Lin Shuya had just debuted, Wei Xufeng had taken good care of her. He had even introduced her to many investors and showered her with care and concern.

    Fans had created rumors about their relationship, but they had clarified that they merely respected each other like a senior and junior.

    A good-looking man and a beautiful woman made a perfect couple. It didn't hurt their image even when they were caught in dating rumors. Such rumors actually increased the number of fans who worshiped them as a couple.

    Unbeknownst to the fans and the public, Wei Xufeng had really fallen in love with Lin Shuya. The people in their company were aware that Wei Xufeng had tried to woo Lin Shuya even after she had gotten together with Han Yixuan.

    Lin Shuya's angelic, lovely appearance had garnered the interest of a horde of admirers and supporters. Wei Xufeng was one of them.

    Earlier on, Pei Yutang had talked about how strong Lin Shuya's connections were in the industry, which was true.

    Lin Shuya's father, Lin Yuetong, was the chairman of Triumph Entertainment. Her boyfriend, Han Yixuan, was the heir of the Han corporation. Her senior was the musical genius, Wei Xufeng. Her piano teacher was the famous musician, Yu Zihang. Her acting instructor was the Capital City Drama and Theater School's vice principal...

    She was just like a female lead in a novel who literally wore a sparkling crown on her head. Everyone loved and adored her, and she had met plenty of benefactors. Many young and handsome men had fallen helplessly in love with her.

    Compared to her, Lin Yan was an evil, scheming b*tch.

    Just as the rumors intensified, rumors about Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng abruptly appeared once again.

    People claimed that Wei Xufeng had been secretly in love with Lin Yan, which angered the fans.

    Lin Yan wasn't a fool. She knew that this was Lin Shuya's plot.

    When Lin Yan found out that Wei Xufeng would be portraying the role of Fang Canyang, she had already expected this.

    She reckoned that her young master would create a ruckus when they really met on set.

    As she had anticipated, Wei Xufeng had liked a Weibo post which chided Lin Yan about bullying her sister. He had even posted a comment personally regarding his scandal with Lin Yan.

    Wei Xufeng had replied, 'Am I in love with her? That would happen only if I was blind!'
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