133 Getting a Swollen Face After Being Slapped

    Lin Yan was lying in bed, reading some gossip online, when Zhao Hongling's call interrupted her.

    "Hello, Sister Ling?"

    "Did you read Wei Xufeng's Weibo post?" As expected, Zhao Hongling had called regarding that matter.

    "I'm reading it!" answered Lin Yan.

    She had been about to update her Weibo account, when she had noticed that she had more negative comments than usual. Thus, she had gone to check and chanced upon Wei Xufeng's post.

    She read it briefly before going back to her own account to update her daily boring post.

    "You must know about Wei Xufeng's background. We can't afford to offend him, as his temper is really bad! He doesn't give a damn about anyone, and I fear that he may make things difficult for you on the set.

    Tomorrow, I am busy so I can't go with you. Be alert and careful and try to tolerate this. Don't clash with him face to face," Zhao Hongling reminded her.

    Lin Yan nodded obediently. "I got it, Sister Ling."

    Zhao Hongling sighed and said, "If he goes overboard, call me and I will deal with this for you."

    Wei Xufeng was famous for both his talent and arrogance. His temper was really bad, and he had the tendency to cause trouble every other day. However, most people wouldn't dare to provoke him, as he was a powerful figure.

    Besides, the fans and the public were all on Wei Xufeng's side this time.

    They were already facing tons of criticism, yet now Wei Xufeng was in the picture as well...

    Zhao Hongling had already planned for the worst-case scenario. They might have to pull out of this movie...

    "Tomorrow, Duoduo will be with you. She is straightforward and I know she is biased against you, but don't mind her. I have already explained this to her, but she might not be totally convinced. Nevertheless, she will take good care of you at work and be of great help to you. Don't worry."

    When Lin Yan heard Zhao Hongling's words, warmth filled her heart. "Thank you, Sister Ling."

    She didn't care too much about Duoduo's attitude towards her. In fact, she felt relieved that Duoduo had displayed her hostility towards her so openly.

    At least, she didn't need to be careful around her.

    Her previous assistant had pretended to be accommodating and obedient on the surface, yet she had done many things behind her back that now made her shake in fear.

    All this time, she had caused so much trouble for Zhao Hongling. However, she had never given up on her.

    Zhao Hongling could have spent her effort and time grooming another celebrity, yet even when she had been at the lowest point of her career, Zhao Hongling had continued to take good care of her just because she was an artist managed by her.


    The next day, the production crew members were all huddled in groups as they gossiped noisily away.

    "Hey, did you read the post that Wei Xufeng made yesterday?"

    "Ha ha ha! Of course I did! I felt so good reading it. It was really bold of him to say that he would fall for Lin Yan only if he was blind! His post has already hit the top of the search rankings!"

    "Serves her right for creating scandals every other day. He slapped her so hard that her face must be swollen! He is the prince of the music industry and the young master of the Crown Jewelers corporation! How dare she try to lay her hands on him when everyone knows that he is such a powerful figure? She has a death wish!"
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