134 I Dont Have Money

    The staff paused and exchanged meaningful glances with everyone. In a hushed whisper, he said, "Besides, everyone knows that Wei Xufeng likes Lin Shuya. How could he possibly do nothing when his goddess was bullied?"

    "Pfft! Only someone as shameless as Lin Yan would fight for a man against Lin Shuya. Doesn't she know that she is the laughing stock of the entire industry?"

    "She even dared to portray Lin Pianruo! What else is she not capable of doing? I wonder if she would dare to show up after offending our beloved Prince Wei."


    When the staff finished speaking, the studio suddenly fell silent.

    Lin Yan strode in from the entrance, dressed in casual clothes and a cap. Her assistant, Duoduo, was behind her.

    As both of them walked in, several pairs of eyes watched them intently.

    "Look here quickly! It's Lin Yan! Oh, my god! How thick-skinned could she be? She is really here!"

    "She finally snagged the chance to act as a couple with Wei Xufeng. How could she miss this? She would crawl here if she needed to!"

    "When will Prince Wei Xufeng be here? I really want to watch him tear her to pieces! It would be a spectacular sight! I can't wait!"


    Duoduo, who had always been with Jiang Sifei, was used to everyone treating her politely.

    However, now that she was with Lin Yan, she had listened to all sorts of sarcastic and snide remarks in just the span of a few days.

    Duoduo looked surly as she scoffed at her. "To be frank, in all my years of working on production sets, I have never seen an artist as hated as you..."

    Lin Yan had united strangers online. Anyone could become friends as long as their target was Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan grinned cheekily at the lass. "Oh? I'm that impressive? How could I possibly do that?"

    The corners of Duoduo's mouth twitched. "I have no idea how you manage to be so brazen. Do you know who you have offended this time? How could you still joke when your death is imminent?"

    "Is Wei Xufeng really so frightening?" Lin Yan raised her eyebrows.

    Duoduo was dumbstruck. "Certainly! Haven't you heard of Wei Xufeng? He hails from a powerful family and he was notorious for his hedonism even before his debut!

    He is a tyrant who gets what he wants. No one dares to offend him! He could wreak havoc if things didn't go his way!

    You were lucky he didn't do anything to you the first time you used his name to boost your popularity. However, the scandal has escalated once more so he definitely won't take it lying down."

    Duoduo got more irritated as she spoke. "Why did you even cause another scandal behind Sister Ling's back? Are you tired of living? Is that why you offended such a dangerous figure?"

    Lin Yan blinked innocently. "Who said that I created that scandal?"

    Duoduo quipped, "Who else could it be?"

    Lin Yan replied, "I don't have any money. How could I do that?"

    It was incredible, but Duoduo actually choked. She was speechless.

    She was indeed certain that Lin Yan was broke.

    All her clothes were cheap, and her bag was torn and tattered. She had even sewn a set of striking words on her bag: 'Get Rich Quickly!'

    She had chosen to take the public transport today despite the dangerous situation she was in. Money was really more important than her life...

    Duoduo couldn't bear to look at her new Weibo account and the same old post every single day.

    Lin Yan noticed that Duoduo was at a loss for words and patted her shoulders with a benign smile. "Why should I spend money on unnecessary stuff when I am capable?"

    Duoduo thought to herself, 'Alright, you win. As long as you're happy.'
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