135 Are You Really a Woman?

    The stylist and his assistant were already inside the makeup room when they entered.

    The stylist was a flamboyantly dressed man who was skinny and refined. He had neatly-trimmed nails and smokey-eye makeup. His hair was the color of apricots, and he was dressed in a trendy outfit.

    He didn't bat an eyelid when he saw Lin Yan entering. He merely continued to chat with his assistant.

    His assistant glanced at Lin Yan and surveyed her. "Brother Kevin, this is Lin Yan. Her looks are average, but her fashion sense... It's rather bad..."

    Lin Yan stepped forward to introduce herself. "Hello, I'm Lin Yan."

    The stylist studied her from head to toe as he drawled, "I'm Kevin, your stylist."

    "Are we going to begin?" asked Lin Yan.

    The stylist's eyes darted to her face. "Did you put on makeup?"

    Lin Yan replied, "No, I just used some skincare products."

    The stylist raised an eyebrow in surprise before he quipped, "Alright then. We can skip the process of removing your makeup. Go and slap on some moisturizer and I'll go get ready. I'll come back later."

    Lin Yan nodded and sat down in front of the dressing table.

    Duoduo was fretful and jittery as she read the news on her phone. She paced to and fro next to Lin Yan and muttered, "The post that Wei Xufeng made yesterday has hit the top of the search rankings. His fans have been absolutely wild after reading his post. What should we do? You are going to film your first scene with Wei Xufeng later..."

    Lin Yan rummaged through her bag for her moisturizer before haphazardly putting it on her face. She quipped, "Relax. We'll make a counterattack when a real problem arises."

    Her stylist, Kevin, strode over to her with a huge box filled with cosmetics.

    When he saw that Lin Yan was massaging her face with an unknown product, he asked, "What is that?"

    "Moisturizer! This brand is called Dragon's Blood. Doesn't it sound awe-inspiring?" Lin Yan brandished the red-and-black bottle as she spoke.

    Kevin was startled to hear that.

    There wasn't anything wrong with her using a local product. It was cheap and good, and her skin was in excellent condition.

    However, the problem was that...

    "Isn't this for men?" asked Kevin.

    Lin Yan blinked in surprise. "Oh, is it? I asked the shop assistant to recommend the most convenient one. This is toner, serum and moisturizer all combined in a bottle!"

    Duoduo was rendered speechless by her. She was too embarrassed to acknowledge that she was her artist. "You should have died of laziness long ago..."

    Kevin was at a loss for words as he stared at her in utter disbelief. "Are you really a woman?"

    It had never occurred to him that Lin Yan, who was rumored to have seduced all the male celebrities in the entertainment industry, would be manlier than a man...

    Kevin said, "Everyone online is calling you a sly, conniving b*tch... Do you think you have lived up to your reputation?"

    Lin Yan said, "Ahem... I'm really sorry..."

    Kevin inched closer to the girl's face and inspected her complexion. "You didn't put on any makeup at all? Your skin's condition is excellent. Have you been using this all along?"

    Lin Yan answered, "Yeah! For a really long time!"

    Kevin was exasperated. "Regardless of how good it is, it's still for men. Why didn't you give it to your boyfriend or switch to something more suitable?"

    Could this moisturizer be that effective? He should try it soon...
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