136 I’ll Show You What True Beauty Means

    "Can I ask how long the makeup will take?" asked Lin Yan casually.

    Kevin was expressionless. "About two hours."

    "That long?" exclaimed Lin Yan.

    Kevin replied, "Is it long? Makeup alone will take two hours. Your hair will take another half an hour, and the change of outfit will take some time too."

    "Are you serious..." Lin Yan looked crushed.

    Kevin rolled his eyes at her. "Haven't you put on makeup before? Many celebrities start putting on their makeup at dawn!"

    "In the past... It took me just half an hour..." muttered Lin Yan under her breath.

    Kevin blurted aloud, feeling indignant, "You are a celebrity! How could you appear on screen after just half an hour of makeup application? No wonder your makeup and outfits always looked hideous on screen. That doesn't make sense when you have such a good complexion.

    No matter how horrible the condition of your skin is, you shouldn't look like that. What kind of trashy stylist did you hire? Do you know that you have committed a crime by wasting and destroying yourself recklessly?"

    Lin Yan shrunk back as she was chided so abruptly.

    Originally, she'd had no inkling of what was happening, so she had trusted Lin Shuya with arranging everything.

    Did this stylist suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder?

    Even if she were to uglify herself, was there a need for him to feel offended?

    "Really? I thought that I looked quite okay..." answered Lin Yan meekly.

    All she wanted was for everything to be quick and convenient.

    Kevin looked horrified by her lack of appreciation for aesthetics. He grabbed a makeup brush and yelled with a hand gripping his waist, "Outrageous! I shall show you what true beauty means today!"

    Kevin steered Lin Yan's face to the side before he inspected her face closely to decide how he should start.

    He couldn't help but praise her nice skin and perfect features. He asked airily, "What was your previous occupation? Were you always a celebrity?"

    "Previously..." Lin Yan was taken aback as she muttered, "I wasn't a celebrity. My job was usually a man's job, so it was quite rough."

    Kevin looked enlightened. "No wonder! Why did you change career then?"

    Lin Yan exclaimed, "So that I could be rich!"

    Kevin grunted. "Alright..."

    He had initially assumed that she would talk about her dreams or aspirations. Her answer had been really honest, yet he surprisingly didn't feel appalled.

    Kevin studied her clothes and questioned her. "You have clinched advertisements and acted in shows. Your income shouldn't be that meager, right? Look at you right now. You haven't bought any clothes, bags, or cosmetics... Where has all your money gone?"

    "I'm not interested in these things..." Lin Yan replied half-heartedly, avoiding the question.

    Her money had mostly gone to Lin Shuya and Angel's Shelter, but the biggest portion had gone to a... charity foundation.

    As time went by, most people had forgotten that she had a long-lost younger brother.

    However, she couldn't forget him...

    Every time she thought about the little boy who had followed her everywhere, she would feel a sharp, painful twist in her heart.

    For fear of upsetting her mother, she had never once brought up the topic of her brother. However, she had never given up or forgotten about him.

    As long as she was alive, she would never give up on searching for her brother. She had vowed to bring him back someday!

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