137 He Isnt the Only One

    Lin Yan was halfway through her makeup when she suddenly heard a commotion outside the room.

    Duoduo peeked her head furtively out of the room. "I think it's Wei Xufeng. Let me go take a look..."


    Lin Yan waved her hands casually and implored Kevin yet again. "Can't I just play some games?"

    Kevin snarled, "No! Maintain this position and sit properly. How can I do your makeup when your face is tilting downward?"

    Lin Yan muttered inaudibly as she lamented about her wasted time. "But time is money..."

    How could she simply sit and do nothing? This was torment!

    Kevin stole a glance at her. "Wei Xufeng is here. Aren't you the least bit concerned?"

    Lin Yan looked bewildered. "Why should I be concerned?"

    Kevin retorted, "He is your rumored boyfriend!"

    Lin Yan replied, "I have so many rumored boyfriends! He isn't the only one!"

    Kevin was speechless...


    As expected, Wei Xufeng had arrived at the studio.

    He had chosen to adopt a metal punk style that day and wear a black studded jacket. His naturally wavy hair had been dyed a vivid red, and he was wearing a dazzling ruby stud in his ear. His eyebrows were arched sharply, and he had a sharp nose. He appeared unruly and wild.

    His name, Wei Xufeng, supposedly meant that he was gentle and soft. However, his appearance was the complete opposite as he swept in like a hurricane, untamed and fierce.

    The production crew and other unknown artists all shrieked in excitement.

    Even Duoduo, who was hidden in a corner, nearly screamed.

    Wei Xufeng deserved the title of the musical genius who had taken the industry by storm. Incredibly, he was even more good-looking and gorgeous in real life.

    "Ahh! Oh my god! How could he be so handsome?"

    "He is perfect for the role of the young and cool boyfriend! All the fans must be thrilled!"


    Producer Feng Anhua, Director Jiang Yiming, and Assistant Director Wu Wenhai had come to the studio personally.

    Wei Xufeng looked surly and gloomy as he rejected the cup of coffee that his assistant had brought him. He slumped onto the couch, looking irritable.

    Feng Anhua treaded towards him with a fawning smile. "Hi, Young Master Wei! I've waited so long for this day to arrive. Hurry up and change into your outfit. We have arranged a designated makeup room just for you, and you will have a famous stylist!"

    "Yeah! You will definitely be satisfied!" Assistant Director Wu Wenhai chimed in eagerly.

    They knew that Wei Xufeng had berated Lin Yan on Weibo last night, so they were afraid that he might wreak havoc on the set that day.

    Wei Xufeng propped his legs on the coffee table and jerked the corners of his mouth into a cold smirk. "Stop sucking up to me."

    Feng Anhua and the rest knew that they were in trouble the moment they heard him.

    As expected, Wei Xufeng hissed maliciously, "Initially, I accepted this role on account of my junior, Shuya. In the end, you found another substitute for the role, and a lousy one to boot. You expect me to act as a couple with her? The audacity!"

    Wei Xufeng had initially thought that He Shanshan would be the one playing the role, and that was why he had agreed.

    Feng Anhua broke out into a cold sweat and explained helplessly. "Young Master Wei, this is a misunderstanding... Something happened during the audition, so we had no choice..."
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