138 Not Easily Coaxed

    Feng Anhua rattled on. "Listen to me. As a form of compensation, we have arranged another role for Miss He Shanshan. She will be filming today as well..."

    Wei Xufeng, who had settled in comfortably, asked, "So? That's all?"

    Yesterday, Feng Anhua had predicted that Wei Xufeng would make a fuss. To pacify him, he had insisted on giving a role to He Shanshan.

    However, judging from his response, this young master wasn't someone who could be easily coaxed...

    The atmosphere was strained when a few actresses strode in.

    The first one among them was the female lead, Jiang Sifei.

    After Jiang Sifei had signed on with House of Millions Media, it seemed as though she had been upgraded instantaneously. She looked like she had undergone a thorough transformation.

    She looked like a socialite in her luxurious Chanel dress and Cartier diamond bracelet. Her glowing, radiant skin hinted at some beauty procedures she had done recently. She seemed to have shed off her skin entirely, so no one could relate her to the role of the tacky village girl.

    The sweet-looking, pretty girl next to her was He Shanshan.

    After He Shanshan's house had been emptied by Lin Yan, she had poured her grievances to Lin Shuya for a few days and Lin Shuya had told her to wait for news.

    This morning, she had received a call from the producer, Feng Anhua, who had apologized to her and invited her to join the production.

    She had been chased out previously. However, this time, she made a triumphant return.

    "Hi, Producer Feng and Director Jiang!" He Shanshan greeted them, looking smug.

    They had rejected her initially, but it turned out that they had still been forced to invite her back.

    Feng Anhua acted as though nothing had happened as he greeted her passionately. "Miss He, we are meeting again! Master Wei isn't feeling very good today. I was hoping that you could put in a few good words on our behalf!"

    He Shanshan snorted coldly in response.

    Jiang Sifei sauntered in her killer heels and spoke gently to Wei Xufeng. "What happened? Who offended our dear Young Master Wei?"

    Wei Xufeng was an artist working for Triumph Entertainment, and Jiang Sifei had gone over to House of Millions Media, which was a subsidiary of Triumph Entertainment. Hence, they could be considered colleagues.

    As a result, it seemed as though they had become closer.

    If she had stayed at tiny and useless Star Entertainment, she wouldn't even have qualified to talk to Wei Xufeng.

    He Shanshan wound her arm around Jiang Sifei's arm affectionately as she spoke. "Sister Sifei, who else could it be? It must be that ugly woman who's clung onto Brother Feng like a nuisance! This isn't her first time! Now, she forced her way into this production. Brother Feng must be utterly disgusted by her! He has to act like he and that devious, ugly woman are a couple. Who could stand this?"

    He Shanshan's face was flushed as she verbalized the injustice that Wei Xufeng had suffered. She stole glances at him constantly as she spoke.

    Oh my god. She had never thought that Wei Xufeng would be even more gorgeous in real life!

    His face looked as though it had been exquisitely crafted by God. He was obviously well-educated, as he had been raised in a privileged family. He might seem wild and arrogant on the surface, but he exuded an aura of dignity and elegance. He was just like a prince who had walked out of a novel.

    He Shanshan couldn't peel her eyes off his face. At the same time, her eyes were flowing with loathing.

    Damn it! If Lin Yan hadn't interfered, she would have been acting with Wei Xufeng instead!
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